The legendary four-part R.I.C.E. recovery includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The Cold Roller Ball simultaneously satisfies two. An outer comfort grip makes it easy to maneuver the friction-free stainless steel ball over your skin with any degree of pressure, while the insulating gel maintains a cold, comfortable temperature.

  • Combines targeted massage with ice therapy to reduce inflammation and speed recovery
  • Insulating gel maintains ball’s temperature longer without getting too cold
  • Smooth stainless steel ball glides comfortably over skin
  • Portable and easy to grip for on-the-go muscle maintenance
  • Roller ball housing fits into removable comfort grip

Stay Cool and on the Ball

Ice, combined with the healing power of massage, is the firepower of coaches and athletes. The Cold Roller Ball glides smoothly over skin while the insulating gel ensures the cold stays cool, but never too cold.

Don’t Wait to be Sidelined

Post training, put the Cold Roller Ball to work. The pressure of the massage soothes muscles, while the ice penetrates deep into aggravated tissue to reduce inflammation.

No Appointment Necessary

The Cold Ball Roller is portable and easy for athletes to take anywhere, anytime. The removable comfort grip allows you to penetrate deep into tight muscle and it’s light enough to pack in your bag for post-workout recovery. Part masseuse, part physical therapist — it’s a fundamental tool to aid recovery.


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