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The SLS3 Compression Sport Sox with RC – COMP Technology™ guarantee immediate success for athletes who pursue maximum performance, endurance and recovery. Through its high developed graduated compression, the innovative technology maximizes the blood circulation in the muscles. This will improve your performance in training, competition and recovery. The SLS3 RC – COMP Technology™ has been developed over months of research. Ongoing testing of elite athletes has proven that SLS3 Compression Sport Sox support the body and muscle work: scientific tests have shown that the SLS3 Compression Sport Sox boost bloodflow about 34%. This increases oxygen delivery to the working muscles to enhance their performance. The circulation improvements also help the body to eliminate metabolic wastes like lactic acid. The combination of these effects allows you to work harder and longer. The SLS3 Compression Sox also offer significant support to the Achilles tendon, tibia, calf and ankle. This boosts the ability to reduce common ankle and foot injuries. The supportive effect and the compression of the SLS3 Compression Sox reduce the muscle vibration drastically, which leads to less damage of the soft tissue and less sore muscles.


  • XS/S* fits calf circumference 11.5″-13.5″ – Shoe size W6-8 US
  • S/M* fits calf circumference 12.5″-15″  – Shoe size M7-9/W8-10 US
  • M/L* fits calf circumference 13.5″-16.5″ – Shoe size M9-11/W10-12 US
  • L/XL* fits calf circumference 15″-18″ – Shoe size M11-13

*size is marked at the top inside in gray, larger of the two sizes only


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