SPEEDFIL F1 Hydration System


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SPEEDFIL F1 Hydration System


The Speedfil F1 Hydration System is a cycling product designed to enhance athlete hydration and aerodynamics. It is mounted on the frame and can be refilled on-the-fly.

The wind tunnel developed, frame mounted system, smoothens airflow around the frame while the rider is in motion. The rider is able to maintain an aerodynamic position all the while drinking up to 1.2 liters of fluid. Hydration is immediate as a bite valve and tubing keep fluid at the ready for whenever it is needed.

Other unique features of the F1 include user ability to refill the system on-the-fly, which minimizes the need for additional bottles, as well as a unique dual splash resistant opening that allows for rapid refills with minimal fluid splashing.


  • Aerodynamic – Wind tunnel developed
  • Easily refillable on the fly
  • 1.2 l fluid capacity
  • Frame Mounted to optimize handling (low center of gravity) and minimize drag
  • Exclusive dual splash resistant design
  • Hands free drinking
  • Bite valve holds fluid at the ready
  • Less weight and clutter than multiple bottles


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