SPEEDFIL Off-Road Bundle (F2 + Retractor)


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SPEEDFIL Off-Road Bundle (F2 + Retractor)





Stay hydrated with the patented SpeedfilTM F2 system. The F2 works with any Specialized thread compatible water bottle in both 21 fl oz. (621 ml) and 24 fl oz. (710 ml) sizes. . The F2 model enjoys many of the same benefits as our standard Speedfil. The dual splash resistant design allows the rider to refill the system on the fly.  Simply prime the Speedfil system once and you have access to your hydration immediately. The bite valve and tubing keep fluid on demand without sucking up air for each drink.

The F2 works with any standard cage mounted on the down tube. This also allows for simple mounting and cleaning. The F2 can be used by triathletes, mountain bikers, as well as recreational riders. The F2 is the utility player of the Speedfil product line.

  • Works with any Specialized thread compatible bottle
  • Easily refillable on the fly
  • Exclusive dual splash resistant design
  • Bite valve holds fluid at the ready
  • Easy to mount and easy to clean


Off-Road Bundle

F2 + Micro Retractor = complete off-road solution.

The Speedfil Off-Road Bundle includes the F2 and our exclusive Speedfil Micro-Retractor. This retractor allows the rider to pull the drink tube up to 24 in. (61 cm) from the handlebars, drink, and then release. With up to 6 oz. of force, the retractor snaps back inside the keeper with no hesitation. The Speedfil Micro-Retractor utilizes a Spectra/Nylon line and has a 40 lb. break strength to withstand even the most aggressive off-road riding. This is NOT just an “off-the-shelf” key retractor. Our partners have spent years designing this product to not only survive saltwater and military applications, but it is also specifically designed to clean itself by flushing out sand, mud and other debris.

  • Hands free snap back action with up to 6 oz of pull force.
  • Spectra/Nylon line-40 lb break strength
  • Saltwater resistant
  • Non-slip hook & loop handlebar strap
  • Self cleaning, flushes out sand, mud and other debris.




Length (w/standard 21 oz. bottle): 9.8 in. (25 cm)

Diameter: 2.9 in. (7.4 cm)

Height (bottom of adapter to top of fill cap): 3.9 in. (10 cm)

Volume(w/standard 21 oz bottle): 22 fl oz. (660 ml)

Weight: 160g

Material: Bottle/Parts = BPA free LDPE/BPA free PP


Length (casing only):  1.5 in. (3.8 cm)

Width: (casing only):  1.3 in. (3.3 cm)

Thickness (casing + rubber padding): 0.53 in.  (1.3 cm)

Strap Length/Width: 7 in./0.75 in.  (17.8 cm/1.9 cm)

Weight: 0.8 oz. (22.7 grams)

Materials: Stainless steel spring mechanism / Impact resistant PP casing/ Spectra nylon line with 6-oz  force (170 gram force) and 22 in. (56 cm) extension.


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