SPEEDFIL R3 Rear Carrier (Complete)


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SPEEDFIL R3 Rear Carrier (Complete)




The new Speedfil R3 brings rear hydration to a new level of adaptability and customization. This patent pending design utilizes a dual pivot arm enabling the system to conform to any saddle and any rider.

Speedfil R3 Rear Carrier – Adjustable Rear Hydration

*CO2 Cartridges, Bottles, and Bottle Cages NOT INCLUDED

Adjustable Rear Hydration

Optimizing the system to rider and saddle also allows for maximum aerodynamic advantage. The system also allows for dual and single mount options depending on rider preference. The R3 is lightweight, easily configurable and can carry additional Co2 cartridges and the included velcro straps allow the athlete to carry tubes and tires.

Dual & Single Mounts

The Speedfil R3 includes two mounting options: Dual and Single. The Dual option can carry one or two cages /bottles, two Co2 cartridges and one inflator.

The Single option allows for one cage and bottle.  This configuration is very lightweight and can tuck under most saddles for maximum aerodynamic benefit.

Two velcro straps are included to allow spare tires/tubes to be securely fastened to the back of the system.

The Speedfil R3 allows for an unprecedented range of adjustability for riders and saddles. The R3 easily works with ISM saddles without the need for additional hardware. Position the R3 how the athlete needs it not how the hardware requires it.

The ability to switch out dual and single mount options is as easy as working with one bolt.

Length: 3.9 in. (10 cm) without cages

Width: 2.2 in. ( 5.5 cm) without cages

Height: 3.8 in.  (9.6 cm) without cages

Weight: 139 grams

Material: PA66 + 40%




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