Squeezy Energy Gel – 33g Sachet (Mixed Flavors)


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Squeezy Energy Gel – 33g Sachet (Mixed Flavors)

The world´s first energy gel

SQUEEZY is the world´s first energy gel (1987) and the optimal choice for all athletes searching for an energy supply during training and competition. All SQUEEZY ENERGY GELs are vegan, free of gluten, lactose, artificial sugars and colourings. Some gels are even free of fructose.

Sports Nutrition Energy Gel. In 33g package.

The SQUEEZY GEL RANGE has four different tastes:

  • ENERGY GEL: fruity and sweet – lemon, raspberry, banana, orange-peach
  • ENERGY GEL: fresh-herb – beer
  • TOMATO GEL: hearty and salty with Bio tomato powder
  • SUPER GEL : herb-sweet – lemon/caffeine, cola/caffeine


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