SUOMY Bike Helmets Timeless (All-in)




Starting from the search for lightness, a search that achieves its goal on 190 grams (M size), the TMLS ALL-IN by Suomy represents the best product among bicycle helmets. The 33 ventilation holes, the aerodynamic shape, the lower reinforcement ring and the aggressive graphics make this product a state-of-the-art helmet.

Great care for the inner padding, made of hypoallergenic and breathable fabric, able to wrap without pressing on the head. Interchangeable chinstrap with micrometric size adjuster that guarantees the correct position of the helmet. Several adjustments both lateral and on the back ensure to everyone the correct fitting. In short, with its name, ALL-IN, we clearly describe the completeness of the helmet.

The weight is definitely the “goal” achieved with this new product. Very few helmets, actually placed on the weight scale, have this lightness. The search for weight has not compromise at all the high quality of the finishing. On top, the application of the reinforcing and protective ring at the bottom of the helmet. This peculiarity, sometimes underestimated by users, not only ensures the rigidity and safety of the helmet but also protects the polystyrene when laying on abrasive surfaces. A detail to consider when choosing a helmet.
Fluo red base with matt black inserts and black and white graphics. When safety, strength, and determination are put over everything the choice of the right helmet comes first and this chromatic combination fully satisfies the user who want to satisfy his wish.


Helmets certified in accordance with the standard EN 1078 logo ceCPSC, AS-NZS 2063 2008





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