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Totum sport is a 100% natural supplement designed to take your performance to the next level.

Available in

  • 20mL sachets
  • Box of 10 x 20mL sachets

It Starts with your Cells

Only Totum Sport provides your body with the complete 78 electrolytes in the correct proportions that your cells need to function effectively. It enhances nutrient uptake at a cellular level to replenish glycogen stores and amino acids to improve recovery time for enhanced performance.

Quality Assured, Approved by Sport

The nutrient-rich solution is transported under carefully controlled conditions to our pharmaceutical grade laboratories. It then undergoes a cold-microfiltration process to ensure absolute sterility and safety. Maximum quality assurance is ensured at all times. Every batch is tested three times; when entering the Laboratories, after filtration (to test pH and salinity), and before going out to the consumer. Each batch is also tested and approved by Informed Sport, ensuring it is safe for athletes to take. It is then packaged to best practice according to EU GMP guidelines. This is to a far higher accreditation level than is required for food supplements.

From the Ocean to You

Totum Sport is harvested below huge plankton blooms in nutrient-dense areas of the Oceans. The plankton blooms, energised by photosynthesis, convert the 78 naturally-occurring elements into fully bioavailable minerals and trace elements to support your cells. The nutrient-rich solution is then carefully transported to the pharmaceutical-standard facility where it undergoes cold-microfiltration before packaging. Our sachets are specially lined to preserve the nutritional properties, prevent contamination, and are ready for you to drink.

Totum Sport helps you optimize your performance and reach your potential .

Complete Hydration

When you first start feeling thirsty, your dehydration is equivalent to a water loss of about 2% of your body weight. This leads to a 10% loss in performance. Things quickly get worse from there: 5% body weight water loss reduces your work capacity by at least 30%. Water alone won’t solve the problem. Without adequate intracellular electrolytes, the cells struggle to hold onto the water, losing more electrolytes with it. This causes dehydration leading to: raised core temperature, muscle fatigue, cramps and muscle injuries.

Sustain Focus

It’s no coincidence that most mistakes and sports injuries happen late in a period of play. As competition wears on, the body dehydrates, the mineral balance is upset and cells become less efficient at actively taking up glucose and oxygen that are required for energy. Teams and athletes that can keep going right to the end know this is the difference between winning and losing. Totum Sport’s ability to rapidly remineralize the body maintains glucose supply to the brain and nerves. Remineralization helps hydrate and oxygenate the cells, and helps maintain focus and concentration.

Enhance Stamina

Stamina relies on adequate glucose and oxygen delivery. Once oxygen supply fails to keep up with demand then cellular respiration switches from being aerobic (with oxygen) to anaerobic (without oxygen) which is significantly less efficient at generating energy for muscles to work. Totum Sport enhances stamina by significantly delaying the switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism through optimising cell metabolism and regulating blood sugar to ensure cells are supplied with enough glucose and oxygen for as long as possible.

Strengthen Immunity

Intense exercise and training can often fatigue you so much that it compromises other aspects of your health–usually your immune system. A depressed immune system can have adverse effects in a number of ways: from increased risk of infections that last longer, to sickness, and not to mention the havoc a compromised immune system can play with your training program. Totum Sport not only maximizes performance and recovery but fundamentally supports overall health.

Reduce Cramps

Cramps can massively compromise performance, and are a very common problem for athletes. They can occur in any skeletal muscle, and can stop exercise in it’s tracks. Taking Totum Sport before exercise prevents the drop in blood sodium that contributes to cramps, and studies have shown that Totum Sport delays and reduces lactate production – preventing cramps so that you can remain strong without impacting your performance.

Minimize Fatigue

Muscle fatigue occurs when an athlete does not fully recover, causing a massive decline in performance and increasing an athlete’s risk of injury. Studies have shown that Totum Sport delays the production of lactic acid, which prevents muscle fatigue so that you can keep going for longer throughout your training and competition. The electrolytes and trace elements in Totum Sport enhance the uptake of nutrients from your post exercise meal, reducing recovery time so that your muscles can recover properly between sessions, minimizing fatigue.

Faster Recovery

Recovering quickly between training sets, or quick bursts of energy in competition, allows you to keep your advantage going to the finish line. There is a window of up to an hour post exercise, when the muscles and liver have an enhanced ability to replenish glycogen stores and utilize amino acids for repair. Since glucose is the most important carbohydrate in energy production, its absorption should be a priority. With the sodium (Na+), and a full range of minerals and trace elements in Totum Sport, the uptake of glucose to replenish glycogen stores is enhanced.

BOX of 10 x 20mL Sachets, 20 mL Sachet


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