TRUNK SHOW – Clear Kit




TRUNK SHOW – Clear Kit

A clear and transparent kit to easily locate the things you need!
* Perfect for toiletries and makeup.
* Comes with a handle for easy carrying.
* Structured yet not bulky.
* Also perfect for carrying beach essentials, keeping things dry and for storing wet swimsuit and towels
Length- 6.6″
Width- 8.7″
Base- 2.6″


Here at Trunk Show we recognize that wardrobes aren’t built in a day so we’ve scoured for local artisans, traveled the world and talked to every fashionable folk we could find to bring all the pieces you could ever need right in one little boutique that is just a short car ride away. We have shoes in every height, dresses in every length and color, bags in every size and shape, and accessories that, we promise, will make your night (or day).

Here at Trunk Show we likewise believe that a great outfit is made and not bought. We cross our leopard-printed hearts and swear to you that all of our collections deliver top quality at a price that leaves enough in your wallets for an amazing adventure.

Here at Trunk Show, we think about you.


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