VEE – PRO-MT100 DELUXE Wire Bead 22TPI




PRO-MT100 DELUXE Single Compound Wire Bead 22TPI

29″ x 2.2″


VEE Tire Co. comes from a long lineage in the rubber industry. Its parent company, Vee Rubber, has been producing OEM automobile, motorcycle, and cycling tires since 1977 and is the leading producer of rubber performance tires in Thailand to date. VEE Tire Co. capitalizes on this resource by utilizing research and development in other tire industries, as well as the ability to quickly produce prototypes and innovative concepts for testing. As a result of our access to these valuable tools, VEE Tire Co. now offers a wide variety of compounds to ensure each tire is customized to its segment-providing unique features for advanced performance.

VEE specialty casings provide the latest in protection technology for your tire. While ensuring the longevity of your tires is important, VEE also knows that one need not sacrifice speed or performance capabilities for durability. VEE has developed a variety of outer framework for each model to maintain a lightweight feel with the highest levels of defense.



29" x 2.2"


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