ZOGGS Kickboard


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ZOGGS Kickboard

Zoggs Kickboard is a durable kickboard designed for improved efficiency in the water.

  • Designed for training to help focus on kick technique and help reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Durable high density EVA foam construction
  • Ideal for focusing on kick technique
  • Use this kickboard as a float while just using your legs to propel yourself through the water.

The Zoggs Kick Board is designed for swim training and can be used for a few different reasons or purposes. It can reduce shoulder stress and increasing body strength. It can also be used for a guide giving you slight buoyancy when working on your kicking technique. The Zoggs Kick board  can be used for beginners to gain confidence in the water or for top athletes for swimming training.

kick board is not designed to be able to float you in the water, it is merely a guide to follow.





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