ZOGGS Predator Flex Polarized Ultra Goggles (Black/Red)


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ZOGGS Predator Flex Polarized Ultra Goggles (Black/Red)

Best Swim Goggles with leak-proof gaskets, No Leaking, Best Anti-Fog Lenses in the swim industry.

  • Super-Soft Silicone for the most comfortable fit. Triathlon Goggle Will Fit Both Men and Women.
  • THE ULTRA POLARIZED COPPER LENSES: Omits glare and makes colors more vivid.
  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: Super soft medical grade silicone is unique to our goggles. Allows for an extremely comfortable and super soft fit around the eyes for a more pleasing swim and won’t cause headaches like traditional swim goggles.
  • PATENTED NOSEBRIDGE: Our Unique, Exclusive, one of kind nose bridge is engineered and built to always retain it’s shape and will not spread when the head straps are tightened. This allows for room around your nose bridge despite how much the gaskets are stretched outward.
  • BEST ANTI FOG TREATMENT IN THE INDUSTRY: Instead of a film like other swim companies, our anti fog is part of the material of the lenses and is made as part of the lenses in the manufacturing process. The anti fog isn’t just on top of the lenses, its part of the materials of the lens, giving the best anti-fog treatment in the world.



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