Swimming Like A Fish | The Aqualogic Open Water Swim Series

“You know a training camp is a good one when at the end of the camp, you’re a better athlete than you were when you came in”. Having attended more than a dozen training camps, that has always been my gauge if a camp is a good one or not. In just 2 days, I learned a lot about swimming and Total Immersion!

Last June 1, we got to attend the 3 day Aquasphere Open Water Series Swim Camp (camp started May 31) organized by Aqualogic Philippines and had an absolute blast. We arrived early morning of June 1 and got billeted at the very homey and classy Pico Sands Hotel.

The day started with classroom seminar at the function room where Coach Shinji taught us a couple of Total Immersion techniques to help you swim faster without exerting more effort. Is that even possible?! Apparently so, it is.

 photo 946964_10151935485358154_879941071_n_zps989e53a5.jpg

 photo 8553_10151935485098154_854219860_n_zps2399f0f7.jpg

We were then brought to a secluded part of Pico de Loro which Coach Ria reserved just for us.

 photo 970208_10151938024383154_1789854740_n_zpsb79c1c13.jpg

Cruising in style

The very welcoming staff of Pico de Loro welcomed us as we reached the shore.

 photo 935732_10151938025023154_710805293_n_zpsa1592618.jpg

During the open water session, we were split into 3 groups and practiced open water swimming using a tempo trainer.

 photo 934829_10151938030963154_861663488_n_zpsd16dae37.jpg

The session ended, of course, with a photo session with Coach Shinji.

 photo 431854_10151938045808154_9931197_n_zps8bd5e3fd.jpg

After the swim, we had brunch and had a sumptuous mix of fruits, refreshing iced tea, and soft tacos!

 photo 972192_10151938056863154_681235262_n_zps0f77a695.jpg

Mexican food by the beach! Can’t get any better than that!

After a 3 hour break, we went to the pool this time to do more tempo trainer drills and practice our glide. I won’t get much into the details here as it’s better experienced when you join the next camp! :)

The ended the day of course, with a couple of cold ones!

Best part of the camp?


The highlight of the camp, is the 2k open water race sponsored by Aquasphere. There were a lot of athlete’s who didn’t join the camp but went on Sunday for the race!

 photo 968963_671987966150116_2132770896_n_zpsb66c049f.jpg

5 minutes to start!

 photo 421360_671994739482772_329122586_n_zps93da0c0b.jpg

Don Velasco of Second Wind Sun Broadband and Mara of TIMEX Gold Gym TMM

The race is a 2 loop, counter-clockwise, open water swim, which is a very good training session for upcoming Ironman 70.3 Philippines Cebu. Not only do you get to jumpstart your training volume, but the calm waters of Pico de Loro that morning enabled us to practice our sighting as well.

 photo 945251_10151922370308154_1922145729_n_zpsb45c834d.jpg

It was a blast meeting and picking the brains of the Total Immersion YouTube sensation himself, Coach Shinji Takeuchi. Of course, thanks to Aqualogic and T.I. Philippines big cheese, Ria Mackay, for inviting us!

Well post the results of the Open Water Swim Race as soon as we get it from the organizers!

Lastly, if you’re a triathlete and don’t know who Coach Shinji is, check out the video below! That’s all you need to know why this guy is a YouTube sensation.

There will be two more camps after this. We advice everyone to sign up as soon as registration opens up because slots will definitely get filled in no time. The next race is a 3k and 1.5 open water swim and a 500m/250m distance for the kids.

 photo 292605_671988079483438_822378981_n_zps9bd8cac0.jpg

Still thinking about it? How many times in your life can you say that you swam with one of the best in the world? ‘Nuff said.

Till the next camp!

 photo 984213_10151938051428154_1319394088_n_zpseddc83fb.jpg

Looking for more pictures? Click here for Batch 1, Batch 2, and Batch 3.



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