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Aboitiz TRI2014 | Race Results and Review

HOT! HOT! HOT! Congratulations to the winners and finishers of the red hot Aboitiz TRI2014! That, as one athlete said after crossing the finish line, was a scorcher!

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Aboitiz TRI2014 | Pre Race and Awarding

Aboitiz TRI2014 | Bike Leg

Aboitiz TRI2014 | Run Leg

In what was dubbed as the Aboitiz TRI2014 Iron War, Jonard Saim and Nikko Huelgas raced side by side almost the entire 10km run before Jonard Saim made the final push and out-sprinted crowd favorite, Nikko Huelgas for the win. Finishing in 2:06:05 and 2:06:12, respectively. John Chicano rounded up the men’s elite division with a 2:10:27 finish time.

Watch the sprint finish :

In the women’s division, Maria Claire Adorna, of  Unilab Active Health and the 2013 Awards Rookie of the Year, dominated the race and led comfortably from start to finish with a 2:27:15 finish time. A clear 12 minutes ahead of second placer Jenny Guerrero of Alaska Tri Inspire, who finished in 2:39:27.

Claire Adorna blitzing the downhill section of the run. Photo by : Maria Claire Adorna

It was our first time to cover a race held in Pico de Loro, and needless to say, the race did not disappoint! The 2pm gun start proved to be a tricky one as the heat and humidity made athletes dig really deep in their reserves just to finish the race. We got reports that some athletes event threw up (too much info?) on the bike course because of the heat! There were a also couple of athletes who miscounted their run loops and got a DQ.

All in all, the race was a definite success. It great to see Aboitiz painting the town red and starting to sponsor triathlon as well.

Our verdict? This is a must do race for 2015.

Congratulations to everyone!



ABOITIZ TRI 2014 – Bike & Run Check Points (PDF)



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