TO ALL WEBSITE OWNERS : Remove The Top Blogs Widget From Your Site ASAP | Malware Warning

If you’re using / to monitor your rankings, remove the code / widget from your website ASAP.

The site got hit with a very bad case of malware and is spreading it to all websites using it. Also, Google will send a warning to all your visitors that your website is infected (see above). Something that we’re pretty sure you don’t want to happen. Google WILL EVENTUALLY BLOCK YOUR SITE if you don’t remove the code.

For now, forget about the rankings. Just remove the code.  Rankings won’t matter if you start to losing visitors/customers because of it.

Removing the code is pretty easy. Just look for the widget where you inserted the code and delete it.

Also, for you own safety (and for obvious reasons!), please don’t visit a website that has a malware warning.

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