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Mt. Mayon Triathlon 2014 | Race Results and Review

Congratulations to the winners and finishers of the inaugural Mt. Mayon Triathlon! An awesome race with a stunning view!


To be honest, when we posted our Top 5 Destination Triathlon races, we wanted to include Mt. Mayon Triathlon. But we just weren’t sure whether this race is a legitimate one or not. All we know about it is that it has a facebook page and a website. But other than that, there’s no promotion about it whatsoever.

But when we got there, were we surprised or what!?

With Mt. Mayon serving as a backdrop, you’ll immediately get a feel of the festive atmosphere and overall vibe of the race. We absolutely loved everything about it. It was really organized. The best part was, seeing the Mayor himself, and the entire LGU, going all out to make sure that the race will be a success.

We absolutely loved the swim course. It was perfect. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Same thing with the bike course. We found the run though a little too tough. It was like trekking already. But maybe, that’s just our admin. =)

Our Verdict : 

With a couple of fine tuning, like a better timing system and more ice on the aid stations, we give this race a two thumbs up!  There were also a couple of technical issues like the transition area not being equidistant. Since the racers were also allowed to enter T2 where they exited T1, the #1 athlete automatically has a couple of seconds advantage over the #10 athlete. More  if you’re number 100+. But despite the glitches, the Mt. Mayon Triathlon gets a first year pass. Don’t get us wrong, it was GOOD. If you’re thinking whether or not you should join the 2015 edition, do it. Sign up for it to moment registration opens. You can thank us later.




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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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