Open Water Challenge Leg 3 | July 23, 2017

Registration is on-going for the 3rd Leg of the Open Water Challenge Series! 1k – 1.5k – 2k – 3k – 4k plus distances for the Dolphin, Team, and Buddy-Buddy Category! We are also introducing the Sub Swim Challenge where swimmers should break the 30 minute barrier for the 1.5k and 45 minutes for the 2k to be considered a finisher!

This event is brought to you by Swim Fit Philippines and

**Early bird rate until June 5 2017 or 5 + 1 for group registration!


WHAT : Open Water Challenge Leg  3
WHEN : July 23, 2017
WHERE : Fuego Beach Resort

Open : 1k – 1.5k – 2k – 3k – 4k
Dolphin : 800m – 400m
Buddy-Buddy : 2k
Team : 4k (1k per person / should be 4-man team)

Sub Swim Challenge : 30 minute cut-off for 1.5k / 45 minute cut-off for 2k

Splash and Flash : 400m Run – 400m Swim – 400m Run





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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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