Dude Couldn’t Afford It So He Drew It Instead

Not everything in life is free. But for the talented ones, they have this unique gift of art which allows them to basically get whatever they want.. even if it’s just on paper. We chanced upon this artwork by Patrick Bolaño Escalona in a facebook group and couldn’t help but be amazed by the details of this masterpiece. 

At first glance, we thought it’s the real deal.

Turns out, Patrick has been trying to save up for a RED upgrade and since he couldn’t afford one yet, he let his talent scratch his “upgradititis” itch and ended up with this.

Not bad at all. ;) See below for his post.

Ung wla kang pang afford sa pag upgrade ng bike mo kaya sa drawing na lng umaasa ??
-sram red ?
Ps: nagpoportrait rin po ako kung sinong willing magpa commision portrait mga sir? pm lng ? po pang ipon lng ??

Which gives us an idea. We contacted Patrick if he’s offering his portrait work to others and he answered with a definite yes. If we all pool in and have him draw something for us (we already ordered our own!), this drawing of his could soon be a reality.


For portrait inquiries, you guys may contact Patrick directly at [email protected]

Pat, if ever you’re reading this, good luck ;) And don’t forget to show a picture of your real life rear derailleur alongside your sketch. That would be awesome. :)



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