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A family that tri’s together, stays together! Brothers Don and Raymund Marasigan (yep, he’s from THAT band), joined the recently concluded SBR.ph Aquaman Aquathlon and had a blast just like everyone!

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Read on below for Don’s recap about his Aquaman Aquathlon experience!

The just concluded aquaman was the first ever race i did with my brother (Raymund Emmanuel P. Marasigan #205). I used to be 225.5 lbs and cant hardly finish a jog around U.P. Diliman with my brother; (we usually jog on Sundays when my wife and I gets a chance to visit marikina).

After getting back in shape and shredding 75lbs off I got into triathlon (now a member of uplb trantados tri team) and have been competing since last year. I was able to convince my brother to join the aquaman by SBR.ph last Christmas and we really had a great time finishing the race.

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(We swam and ran together – “you can check our time” hahaha), we started the day at 4:30am – my wife and I drove him to MOA since he just got home at 2am and just had 2hrs sleep after having 2 gigs that night – (7am) one of his bands (pedicab) played at runrio; and, just right after the set we went back home (marikina) made him sleep for another 1.5 hrs; then went off to U.P. Diliman with my wife (ireen) our mom, atari (his daughter) and myrene (fitting the family tree in one car).

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He slept again after the body markings and I woke him up 15 min before wave1; then we were off (wave2) – we swam 800m went to transition – ran 2 loops around U.P. Diliman sunken garden (5km) and had a great finish. The bbq and cupcakes were also great, not to forget the kids who hand outs the gatorade – all in all – it was fun and we are looking forward in joining the triathlon leg (hopefully he will be free that day).

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Thanks SBR.ph.

Don Raphael P. Marasigan (#204).

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Congratulations Don and Raymund! Both of you win a limited edition SBR.ph Shirt!

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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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