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Let’s give a warm welcome to one of the best, if not the best, nutritionist on the archipelago, Harvie De Baron! To those who don’t know, Harvie is the Founder / CEO of the Baron Method. He is a Sports Nutritionist with a diploma in Sports Nutrition from Oxford College. He has a happy list of clients who have attained their weight targets–whether weight gain or weight loss. He also graduated from Auckland University in New Zealand with degree in Finance, Marketing and Business.

What the Baron Method is all about

The Baron Method is a whole new approach to eating more and living great. In a world of diet that give food intake restrictions, the Baron Method lets you enjoy food while improving your quality of life. It doesn’t sound logical but it is true. It is just a matter of what type of food you choose to consume.

Our clients are classified into 3 segments:

  • Aesthetics: Weight Loss, Weight gain
  • Therapeutic: Patients with dreaded diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Fatty liver, Cancer, etc
  • Sports Performance: Athlete’s nutrition optimization

The Baron Method is NOT a diet as the world would define a diet to be since dieting involves cutting back how much you eat. Our method is a LIFESTYLE UPGRADE. It involves changing your perception of what food is supposed to do. Food is not just meant to fill our stomach. We believe food is our friend, not the enemy. Our method believes that food is meant to:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Heal our bodies
  • Give us a nice glow
  • Bring out our best form
  • For athletes: optimize athletic performance
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Optimize body composition

Hence, our belief of “Eat more, Live great!”

As each individual is unique, so our programs are tailor-fit to work according to the needs of each person enrolled in the method. The Baron Method shuns one-size-fits-all methods that seem to lead people to believe that what works for their friend will also help them lose weight. Close relational-monitoring also helps make sure that the program is at it’s best possible efficacy all the time.

Founder’s profile

The Baron Method was developed by Harvie De Baron. Mr. De Baron is a financial planner by profession but broke into the Sports Nutrition world as a result of his passion for food and triathlon. In 2001, he discovered that he was extremely sick with Ulcerative Colitis as a result of stress, poor diet and a bad lifestyle. As a result, he gained excessive amounts of weight from the steroid-based treatments required by his disease. In order to heal, Harvie initially did his own research on how to get well by using natural methods and food as his medicine. After losing over 60 pounds of excess weight, Harvie decided to scratch off another item on his bucket list—to join a triathlon race— which happened in 2005.

Harvie’s Sports Nutrition knowledge came from a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Oxford College with high distinction. The practice evolved and became a source for nutrition information not just for athletes but for anyone who wanted to improve their quality of life.

Harvie lives by his principle “Eat more, Live Great!”. He believes that, as a nutritionist, he has to be credible in terms of his health, lifestyle and eating habits.

At present, Harvie’s success rate is at 100% for individual clients, whether the goal is weight gain, weight loss or improving athletic performance. Harvie has also improved the condition of clients with ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, adrenal issues, and high cholesterol.

Baron Method contact Information:

fb / twitter / linkedin : @baronmethod
[email protected]



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