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Always be careful, guys! Watch as a car almost plows into a convoy of cyclists. Good thing the cyclist is equipped with a cycling cam.

Want to see what almost getting hit looks like while on a bike? Watch how close the vehicle was to hitting the group of cyclist in a pace line. A few more inches closer and that could mean the difference between getting home safe and being in the hospital (or worse). Good thing Mark Rivera of 2wheel Nation Cycling was able to record the whole thing on his cycling cam. Plate number is visible from the video.

According to Mark, he has already reported this to the Land Transportation Authority (LTO). We surely do hope something can be done to get this driver off the road!

See his narration below plus the video.

Video rated PG13 due to use of explicit language.

What I really meant to say (nicely) was. . .

“Hello Mr. Driver. Please let me remind you of House Bill 8911 which has already passed into law and is known as Minimum Overtaking of Cyclists Distance Act, which requires a safe passing distance of 1.5 meters between any part of the vehicle and bicycle going in the same direction.

There is a P5,000 fine for your first offense, P10,000 fine for second offense, P15,000 for third offense with a three month suspension of driver’s license, P20,000 fine for a fourth offense and revocation of driver’s license.

Furthermore, cyclists are considered road vehicles just like cars and are allowed to use the road unless there are marked bike paths or bike lanes. Only kids under age of 12 are legally allowed to ride on sidewalks.

This is probably a lot to remember for your pea-sized brain so let me summarize it again for you.

P#%@n^ !N# m*!!!


(Warning : NSFW Language)



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