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6 Tips to Improve Your Run

Having trouble with your run? For most (ok, some) people, running is their weakest discipline. Check out the following tips that can be incorporated into your running workouts and can help you on race day.

By Rodrigo Tosta – ironguides coach, Rio de Janeiro

Here are some tips that can be incorporated into your running workouts and can help you on race day:

1st – Try to use a good pair of shoes, because for us to run well, we need first of all, comfort and protection for our feet!

2nd – Just as with bike workouts, respect the recommendations made by your coach in relation to the intensity of training and also, do not neglect the issue of heat. .

3rd –  Combine cycling and running, so your body gets used to this practice, because in triathlon you always run with tired legs! If you are training for a triathlon bike or against the clock, try to keep in the clips most of the time, as this position will be save the muscles that will be used later in the race.

4th – Make time for training up hills or use repeated intervals with slopes on the treadmill to gain strength in the legs! A good choice is to alternate between these two options each week. It is “hard”, but you will not regret it !!!

5th – The most appropriate way to run is stepping with the anterior part of the foot, which promotes the forward projection of the trunk, causing less impact on the spine and maintaining a constant center of gravity, and decreases the time the sole of the foot contacts with the ground (a good practice is to run barefoot in the grass, for it allows this part of the foot to step on the ground first).

6th – The stride need not be long, nor is it necessary to try to kick your heel to buttocks. The longer the stride is, the further the hip line is extended; taking more to stop the movement, with greater impact and time of contact with the ground, which means more wear. So decrease the amplitude in order to increase the frequency (number of steps per minute). Jack Daniels, renowned American track and field coach, analyzed numerous Olympic runners from sprinters to marathoners, and found that, regardless of distance or duration of the tests, 90 strides per leg per minute was the norm. Count the steps you take to the right or left foot for 20 seconds and make sure you are doing at least 30 steps. Initially you will feel “weird” but over time will get used to it. Try to focus the whole time. Practice!!!

Enjoy your training!

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