Jonel Carcueva: Revolutionizing Philippine Cycling with Historic Three-Peat

The Rise of a National Hero Amidst the Challenge of Missing Multi-Stage Races

Jonel Carcueva, the shining star of the Go for Gold Continental cycling team, has once again demonstrated his unparalleled prowess on the road by clinching his third consecutive victory at the PhilCycling National Trials for Road, marking a historic moment in Philippine cycling. This extraordinary feat, following his wins in 2022 and 2023, solidifies Carcueva’s standing as arguably the finest road cyclist in the nation today. The 28-year-old pride of Minglanilla, Cebu, continues to dazzle with his dedication and skill, despite facing challenges that extend beyond the racecourse.

One notable challenge is the current lack of major multi-stage races in the Philippines, a situation that has persisted for the past two years. This absence has limited Carcueva’s opportunities to showcase his full capabilities and engage with the Filipino cycling community on a grander scale. Despite this, Carcueva’s achievements have not only highlighted his exceptional talent but have also sparked a conversation about the importance of providing adequate platforms for athletes to compete and demonstrate their abilities.

The hiatus of significant events like the LBC Ronda Pilipinas and the Le Tour de Filipinas due to the pandemic has been felt deeply within the cycling community. However, Jeremy Go, the founder of Go for Gold and a staunch supporter of its Continental team, sees this as a call to action. He emphasizes the vital role local races play in developing top-tier cyclists and discovering new talent that will form the backbone of the national team in the future.

In response to this need, Go for Gold has taken a proactive step by organizing a one-day criterium race set for March 3. This event aims to provide professional elites and cyclists across various categories with a competitive and safe racing environment. Scheduled to take place at the newly inaugurated Sacobia Bridge in Clarkfield, Pampanga, the Go for Gold Race Series will feature races for Men and Women Youth (16 and below), Men and Women Junior (17-18), Men (30-39), Men (40-up), Managers, and the Pro/Elite categories.

This initiative not only underlines Go for Gold’s commitment to nurturing Philippine cycling but also serves as a beacon of hope for the revival of multi-stage cycling competitions in the country. It is a testament to the resilience and passion of the Filipino cycling community, eager to return to the roads and celebrate the sport they love.

Interested athletes can find more information and register for the Go for Gold Race Series on their official Facebook page. This event is a significant step toward reigniting the competitive spirit of cycling in the Philippines, offering a glimpse into a future where the sport can continue to grow and thrive.

Credit to Nica Lim of Go For Gold for the original report.

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