EJ Obiena: First Filipino Athlete Sponsored by Team Visa for 2024 Olympics

EJ Obiena's Historic Leap into Team Visa for Paris 2024

EJ Obiena, celebrated as the world’s second-ranked pole vaulter, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the first Filipino athlete to secure sponsorship from Team Visa for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. This partnership not only highlights Obiena’s exceptional talents but also marks a significant moment of pride for Philippine sports on the global stage.

Visa’s Support for Global Athletic Excellence

As the Worldwide Payment Technology Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Visa continues to foster the spirit of excellence and innovation within the athletic community. Obiena joins an elite roster of 117 athletes under Team Visa, embodying the brand’s commitment to empowering sports heroes who inspire and lead in their respective fields. Visa’s history of supporting Filipino talents shines through, following the sponsorship of gymnast Carlos Yulo in previous Olympic Games.

Jeff Navarro, Visa’s Country Manager for the Philippines, praised Obiena’s contributions to sports and nation-building. Visa’s sponsorship aims to back Obiena’s quest for glory in Paris, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to nurturing Filipino athletes who elevate the country’s stature on the world sports stage.

EJ Obiena: A Pole Vault Phenomenon

Obiena’s illustrious career is adorned with seven gold medals from prestigious international competitions, establishing him as a beacon of excellence in athletics. His achievements include groundbreaking feats such as clearing the six-meter mark, a testament to his dedication and skill, setting him apart as the first Asian to reach such heights in pole vaulting.

More than his athletic accomplishments, Obiena is revered for his unwavering loyalty to the Philippines. Despite opportunities for naturalization from other countries, he chooses to represent his homeland, embodying the values of loyalty and pride. His commitment extends beyond competitions, as Obiena actively contributes to the development of sports in the Philippines, enhancing facilities and advocating for the growth of pole vaulting nationwide.

Team Visa for Paris 2024: Championing Diversity and Inclusion

The Team Visa athlete program, recognized for its support of over 600 Olympic and Paralympic athletes since 2000, is celebrated for its inclusive approach. The selection for Paris 2024 represents a diverse group of athletes from over 60 countries, showcasing an array of ages and the highest percentage of female athletes in the program’s history. This diversity underscores Visa’s core values of equality, access, and inclusion, reflecting the global community’s collective spirit.

About Visa

Visa stands at the forefront of digital payments, facilitating billions of transactions across a vast network of consumers, merchants, financial institutions, and government entities worldwide. Committed to connecting the world through a reliable and secure payments network, Visa champions economic inclusion and the advancement of digital finance, paving the way for a future where everyone, everywhere, can thrive.

EJ Obiena’s inclusion in Team Visa not only celebrates his remarkable achievements but also signifies the enduring spirit of Filipino athletes to excel and inspire on the global stage. As the Paris 2024 Olympics approach, Obiena’s journey from national hero to Olympic hopeful reflects the aspirations of a nation rallying behind its athletes.



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