The Quick adidas KOTR 2013 Entry Giveaway

Hey guys! Let’s make this quick! Get this off our hands before we lose it again! :) We’ll make this as easy as possible :) No asking for likes or anything!

Congratulations to the winner! John Henri Mariano!

Contact us at 0917-2554111 as to how you can claim your prize :)

The 1 and 2 after the name means the contestant submitted a tweet and a share entry :)

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Ok Nation, here’s what’s up for grabs!

 photo DSC_2222_zps4f5803f4.jpg

How to win.

1. Share this post. (This post not our facebook post!)

2. One Tweet / One Fb Share = 1 entry each!

2.1  For facebook,  click the LIKE button above or below the article and type  “I want the free #adidasKOTR2013 entry by

2.2 For twitter, click the TWEET button above or below the article and type  “I want the free #adidasKOTR2013 entry by @SWIMBIKERUNph

3. Type the post exactly as it is. There’s a “.” on the fb share and none on the twitter tweet!

4. After sharing, at the comments section below,  type “DONE sharing! or DONE Tweeting!” along with your full name so we can include you in the random online raffle draw.

5. Remember guys, 1 tweet = one entry and 1 fb share = one entry. So if you do both, you get two chances!

That’s it!

We need to give this right away! Raffle will end and winner will be announced on Thursday 2pm. You can get the coupon from us at The Fort/BHS on the same day :)


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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)


  1. DONE sharing!
    DONE Tweeting!
    Alvin Nico Quileste Musni

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