Shopwise Bike Fest Tres Ocho: Pedaling Towards Inclusion

#InspireInclusion: Shopwise Bike Fest's Commitment to Women's Empowerment

The Shopwise Bike Fest is set to make a significant impact this May, aligning with the world’s celebration of Women’s Day through its Tres Ocho Promo. From March 8-10, in an unprecedented move to promote inclusion and diversity within the cycling community, registration fees for the 45km & 30km distances, and kids rides are being reduced to 38 Pesos per entry, limited to 380 slots.

Special Promotion: A Gateway to Cycling for All

This initiative, part of the #InspireInclusion movement for 2024, aims to open doors for women of every age, race, and background to engage with and thrive in the cycling world. The Shopwise Bike Fest isn’t just about competition; it’s about community, support, and breaking down barriers that have historically limited participation.

Important Information:

  • Promo availability: March 8-10.
  • 380 slots for specific categories at promotional rates.
  • Inclusions as per the regular registration process.
  • Exclusive offer not valid with other promotions.

Join the Movement

The Shopwise Bike Fest Tres Ocho stands as a beacon for change, illustrating the power of sports in fostering a more inclusive society. By participating, cyclists not only challenge themselves but also contribute to a broader movement of inclusivity and empowerment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something bigger than the race itself.

Spread the Word

“Riding for a cause at #ShopwiseBikeFestTresOcho 🚴‍♀️✨ Celebrating diversity and inclusion this May. Let’s make every pedal count towards a more inclusive future! #InspireInclusion” – Your Multisport Source


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