HOKA Expands with Two New Stores in the Philippines, Embracing Joyful Performance

Revolutionizing Athletic Retail with Advanced Tech and Community Spirit

HOKA Announces Joyful Expansion with Two New Stores in the Philippines

In a significant move that signals HOKA’s growing presence and commitment to the Philippines, the brand has unveiled two new stores located in the heart of the country’s bustling retail landscapes — One Ayala Mall and GH Mall. This expansion is a response to the burgeoning demand among the Filipino community for quality running, fitness, and lifestyle athletic products.

A Leap into Innovative Retail

Situated in prime locations, these HOKA stores are designed to cater to the needs of every athlete — from seasoned runners to lifestyle enthusiasts. The stores feature HOKA’s top-of-the-line products, including the pinnacle performance Cielo X1 and the all-day comfort Mach 6 trainers. Emphasizing a unique shopping experience, the stores offer advanced foot scanning with SafeSize technology, in-store treadmill tests, and secure lockers for customer convenience.

Building a Community of Runners

Central to HOKA’s mission is the cultivation of a vibrant running community through the HOKA Running Club (HRC). These stores aim to serve as the main hubs for HRC, offering memberships, event updates, and a platform for runners to connect and share their passion for running.

Echoing the Brand’s Vision and Joyful Performance

Reflecting on the expansion, Prasanna Bhaskar, General Manager of Asia Pacific for Deckers Brand, highlighted the significance of the Philippine market to HOKA’s growth strategy. “HOKA is committed to bring joyful performance to the world and to everyone in the Philippines. With the opening of our two new stores in One Ayala and GH Mall, we now have 4 stores in the Philippines in 2 years, which is a proof of the exponential demand for the brand and very exciting times ahead for HOKA in this market,” Bhaskar stated.

A Festive Celebration Marks the Opening

The launch of the new stores was celebrated with a joyful store vs. store competition, embodying HOKA’s ethos of joyful performance. Featuring athletes, coaches, celebrities, and HRC members, the event included a treadmill challenge enriched with HOKA and Philippine trivia, showcasing endurance, knowledge, and community spirit. Bel Laureola, Country Marketing Manager for MAP Active Philippines, remarked, “Joyful Performance is in HOKA DNA. It is only right that we celebrate the new stores with a joyful experience featuring HOKA fans.”

Invitation to Experience HOKA

HOKA invites everyone to visit the new stores at One Ayala and GH Mall to experience firsthand the brand’s commitment to innovation, community, and joyful performance. For more details on HOKA’s product range and community initiatives, follow HOKA Philippines on Facebook and Instagram at @hoka_philippines.



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