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A familiar face in the triathlon community, he is not called “The Legend” for nothing. Having been in the scene since the beginning, this “legendary” triathlete helps run the famous family owned Playa Papagayo beach resort in Subic. Read on as he talks to us about what it’s like to compete in 150+ triathlons, what his goals are, and how he keeps the fire burning.

In a special T.A.G.G.E.D. The Age Grouper Edition, we put our focus on the PH’s very own, Frank “The Legend” Lacson.

But before we start, it’s only fitting that we kick this off by congratulating Frank on his own “Legendary” 10km Marathon Swim last March 4, 2017! All this to bring and sustain awareness to:

#openwaterswimphil #islandmarathonswim #islandswimphil #saveourseas #iccph #trcc #savethebay #cleanseasphil #savethereef #WWFPhil #safetyforbikelanes #respectlife #stoprecklessdriving #stopkillingbikers #stopkillertrucksnow #sharetheroad #wewantbikelanesforRP : Welcome to, Frank! Good to have you here! Just curious. How, where, and when did The Legend name began? Back in our heydays, we used to just call you Papa Papagayo. 

Frank : How? The first ever Tri-club/team. The iron pigs of UP Diliman started that moniker inside UP in the early 90’s : Last time we talked, you were close to reaching the 150 mark, how many triathlon finish lines have you crossed now?

Frank : 150 now. Hehe : What’s your biggest goal? To reach the 200 mark? When will it stop? Or will it? :)

Frank : At this point, I can only hope to do this as long as I can live : That’s not a bad target! Compared to when you started and how triathlon is now, what’s the biggest difference?

Frank : Technology in every aspect as well as nutrition. : You joined the first ever iron-distance race in Matabungkay. Can you share to us a little history about that race? What would be the difference if that was held today?

Frank : That was 2002 and glad to finally do my first ultra-distance after toying around for 19 years whether to do one or not. Interestingly a faster finish time if I did the same today. Hehe : Let’s talk Kona. We all want to go there and it’s no secret between the IM group that you’re ripe for a K.Q. (Kona Qualifier). Are you still pushing for that goal? How and where do you plan on accomplishing it?

Frank : Yes. Of course. Better late than never bro. I’m inspired and motivated to qualify soonest. But perhaps I can also wait ’till I’m 80 to qualify. Hehe : You must have a pretty durable body for it to sustain all those racing and training sessions. But last TU3, we saw you get injured and got a DNF. Can you say that was just a simple case of bad luck? Or do you think, in it’s own way, the mileage is catching up?

Frank : I only was sidelined (DNS) once in my 34 years and finally a DNF’d just recently at last year’s TU3. Mileage or not but I simply just needed recovery. : What happened in IRONMAN Taiwan?

Frank : Got hungry and wished I could cook and instead got cooked myself. : You were legendary for riding your steel bike and kicking everyone’s ass on their expensive carbon rigs (myself included!). Do you still have that bike? Do you have a pic of it?

Frank : Haha. For the record it was a heavy titanium and yes I still use that roadie riding hills and ultra-marathon cycling. : I see you have a new bike and your tri suit is pretty much decorated with logos. Talk to us about your new ride and what made we choose to switch? Wanna give a shout out to your sponsors?

Frank : Ceepo saw the value and genuinely believed in a faster not older me so I found myself upgrading to a Katana.

Proud to work with these sponsors:

#playapapagayobeachinn, #centurytuna, #teamredcrossph, #EnricoHomeOfRawHone, #spasssentials, #DAChiperformanceswim, #720armour, #ceepokatana, #unisonbikeshop, #tyrswim, #youngerbrotherskipper, #lockandloadmarketing, #brooksrunningph, #rocktape, #intercare, #fitletic. : How do you stay fit? Can you share to us your training regimen? Give us at least a sample of your 1 week training block.

Frank : 6O% Nutrition 30% Training and 10% Racing. Here’s a sample.
Long bay swin
Recovery bike

Tempo run

Bike hills



Long ride or brick

Long run : How important is nutrition to a triathlete?

Frank : It’s everything : I approximately “only” accomplished 50 triathlons and got totally burned out on my 5th year. How do you keep the fire burning?

Frank : Constant inspiration from fellow triathletes to always do and better my best. : When I get to 100 finishes I wanna be just as fast as you. What’s your motivation during a race? Does passing triathletes younger than you get you on a high? Who do you compete against?

Frank : Better my time or stay consistent through the years. Its not about feeling high or proud, I hope I can inspire the younger ones . Hehe. Like in true Life, I compete against myself. : Unknown to the newer triathletes today, you have a resort just outside Subic called Playa Papagayo. Can you tell us something about it? What food do you serve there and talk to us about that famous Legend’s Swim Loop.

Frank : It’s a quaint and cozy family owned beach inn with only 23 rooms, called Playa Papagayo Beach Inn and Restaurant serving awesome Tex-Mex, Pinoy favorites, seafood and steaks alfresco facing Subic Bay or should I say the Legend’s triangle, hehe. The loop is a big triangular course which goes (1km X 1.5km x 1.5km) that starts and ends in Papagayo Beach. : Are you also the head chef? Who cooks the food there? What’s the most legendary dish that we can order?

Frank : Having culinary education and experience myself, no I’m not the head Chef but most think I am. I have a great kitchen staff that I manage. The legendary dish my lola started is the Plato Mexicano with a bowl of chili con carne. Must try. : We used to kickstart our S/B/R training sessions there. How can triathletes contact you or book? Will our readers get a discount? :P

Frank : Of course Playa Papagayo is run by a triathlete for triathletes, hehe. Athletes of all sports always have a special rate here on accommodations. Call 09439218383 or email [email protected]. : What’s the one thing you would gladly exchange all those triathlon medals for?

Frank : Nothing! It seems to only be my own Life : Thanks for the time, Legend! See you around! Btw, we saw this picture of you. :)

All images c/o : Frank Lacson


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