Duaman 2017 Schedule and Info

*note: details are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Duaman Duathlon 2017
  • May 28, 2017
  • Nuvali, Sta. Rosa
  • 6:00 am Race Start
  • FULL Distance : 6km Run, 20km Bike, 3km Run
  • LITE Distance : 3km Run, 15km Bike, 3km Run
  • MP3 players and other music devices are ALLOWED on the RUN but IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the bike.
  • The race is DRAFT LEGAL.
  • Absolutely no helmet, no ride.
  • All race kits will be available on Sunday morning (come early!)
  • Optional race kit claiming on Saturday (Venue and Schedule : TBA)

Race Schedule

Make sure you arrive early for a hassle free registration!

3:00 am : Race packet claiming / body marking
5:45 am : Race briefing
6:00am : Gun Start
10:00am : Awarding
11:00am : Race End

Note : All race packets will be available on race day. We will announce if we will have race kit claiming on Saturday.

Race Kit Info

When can I claim my race kit? 

All race kits will be available on race day. We will announce if we will have kit claiming on Saturday.

Ack! I lost my registration slip! How can I claim my kit?

Please bring a valid government id with picture.

What’s inside my race kit?

Your race kit will contain the following :

  • 1 Race Bib (Your race number)
  • 2 Bike Stickers
  • 1 Helmet Sticker
  • 4 Safety Pins
  • 1 Wrist Tags


This is the 2014 Duaman Duathlon Race Kit

For the relay, your race kit will contain the same except it will have 12 safety pins and 2 or 3 race bibs and wrist bands. (Depending on the number of athlete’s per team)

For a faster transition, and if you don’t want to ruin your expensive tri suit, we will have race belts available at the SBR.ph booth.

How come there are so many stickers?! What will I do with the wrist tags?

Wrist tags should be worn at all times during the race.

What about the timing chip?

The timing chip must be claimed at the timing booth on race day. Come early to avoid the long line.

Extra Security!

Your (and your bike) security is our #1 concern. So as an extra security measure, please be reminded of the following :

  • No one will be allowed to enter the transition area except for participants with the official wrist tag.
  • After the race, no one will be allowed to get their bikes UNTIL THE LAST BIKER leaves transition for his/her final run.
  • The number on your bike MUST MATCH with the number on your wrist tag, race bib, helmet sticker, and body marking.
  • What if I lose my wrist tag? You will NOT BE ALLOWED to exit the transition area with your bike unless you can show proper identification.

Course Maps

Run 1 / Run 2 (6km and 3km)

The run will be an easy 2 loop 6km run (3km per loop) and then a 1 loop 3k run after the bike (this is your run 2). We made it loops so that it would be easy for everyone (especially the newbies!) to pace themselves throughout the run. There will be PLENTY of aid stations throughout the run course so make sure to stay hydrated!

DUAMAN LITE participants will do 1 loop.



Bike Course / 20kms

The bike will be a 1 loop – 20k  ride. Do note that NUVALI will be implementing it’s SHARE A ROAD / RIDE ON THE LEFT LANE policy for all bikers. So just stay left and you will be safe! Please make sure to take PLENTY OF HYDRATION with you. There will be NO WATER STATIONS on the bike course.

DUAMAN LITE participants will U-TURN instead of turning right to AVIDA PARKWAY SETTINGS / MIRIAM COLLEGE



Upon entering Nuvali, go past the guard house and just go straight. The event proper will be on your left (other side of the road).

Registration area will be at the BLUE LINE (run route map). It’s easy to spot as it’s right beside the start arch.

The green stars (bike route map) are the exclusive parking slots reserved for DUAMAN participants. Just mention “Duaman Duathlon” to the guard and they will let you in. The one on the left is the EVO LIVING 3 PARKING and the one on the right is the GRAVEL PARKING lot along SOLENAD 3. You may also park at SOLAR PARKING area.

If you’re having trouble finding the event, the best way is to ask the guard for the directions to the parking lots and take it from there. Nuvali guards will be there to assist you.


As a bonus, we even have additional tips for you


We are expecting close to a thousand participants for the Duaman Duathlon. All race kit will be claimed on race day. Please bring your registration stub or if you registered online or via bank deposit, bring a valid government id.


Gun start time is set at exactly 6:00am. ALL OF YOU will be released in one go (wave). If this is your first time to join a duathlon, it is recommended that you stay at the back and let the fast ones (and those planning to set a p.r. ) go ahead in front.


There will literally be ZERO shade on the race course so expect it to be really HOT. Don’t forget to keep on hydrating at the aid stations or pour water over your head. Take your time at the aid stations and drink/pour as many as you like. WE HAVE ENOUGH so make sure to drink and hydrate A LOT.


We worked really hard with Nuvali to ensure security at the parking lot and all throughout the event. However, we still strongly advice that you don’t leave any valuables in car your. If it be helped, leave it in the trunk where it is safe from prying eyes.

When in doubt, just ask any of the roving guards on duty.


Although there is basically nothing more that we can advice you that will make you GO FASTER on race, we do offer the following tips from Coach Andy Leuterio of Alpha Training Systems

Tip #1: Pace conservatively. The 1st run should be enjoyable and let you speak in short sentences. Use it as a “hard” warmup to get you into the rhythm. Ride the bike at a constant cadence, shifting gears as necessary. Keep intensity around 7-8/10 on Rate of Perceived Exertion. Spin easy for the last 5″ to prepare for the final run. On the 2nd run, go for broke as soon as you get your legs back.

Tip #2: Douse your head liberally. It’s effin’ hot.

Tip #3: Practice your transition at least once this week. Do you go “head to toe” (Helmet on, then change shoes?) or “toe to head” (change shoes, then helmet?). Have 2 small bottles of water to douse with in T1 and T2.

Tip #3: Memorize your spot in transition. Don’t be That Guy wandering all over the place looking for his bike. And keep your spot TIDY.

Tip #4: Pay attention on the bike! Stay right except to pass. Even though you think you’re going pretty fast, always assume there’s someone faster coming behind who needs some room on your left.

Tip #5: Make sure you know how to fix a flat. Don’t let this end your race. Sayang naman.

Tip #6: Zip up your suit if there are cameras around. Keep your hands into loose fists, elbows close to the chest, near 90 degrees. Looks much better for the camera, very “Pro”. and don’t slouch on the run. Upright torso, slight forward lean, relaxed shoulders, smile. Don’t grimace. Smiling looks better for the Facebook and instagram photos.

Tip #7: Give a little energy, to get more of the same. Cheer on your fellow racers, thank the volunteers. Loosen up and enjoy the day!


If you trained properly, don’t worry! YOU WILL FINISH THE RACE. Remember that there is no cut off time. Although, like what we always say, wag lang sana abutan ng lunch time. 🙂

Have fun, live every moment, and enjoy the unique Duaman Duathlon experience.