Celebrating Excellence: Ani De Leon Brown and Kim Mangrobang Honored at Women in Sports Awards Night

Awards Night Glory: Pioneers of Philippine Triathlon Honored

The Philippine Sports Commission’s inaugural Women in Sports Awards Night saw triathletes Ani De Leon Brown and Kim Mangrobang receive distinguished accolades, symbolizing their significant contributions to Philippine sports and empowering female athletes across the nation.

Ani De Leon Brown, renowned for her role in shaping triathlon training and performance in the Philippines, was presented with a Special Citation for her extraordinary work as a National Coach. Through her efforts, she has not only shaped champions but also forged a path for future generations of female athletes. Kim Mangrobang, celebrated for her exceptional achievements in triathlon, received the Individual Award, her journey inspiring countless women in the sports community.

In a heartfelt acknowledgment on her social media, De Leon Brown expressed the profound meaning behind the recognition. She extended her gratitude to Commissioner Bong Coo, Chairman Richard E. Bachmann, and the organizers for this honor, highlighting the collective spirit and dedication within Triathlon Philippines. She named several influential women within the community, including Sarita Zafra, Lou Ann Hamada-Ramos, Doray Ellis, and Maya Montecillo, acknowledging their tireless efforts and contributions.

The night was not just a celebration of individual accomplishments but a tribute to the legacy and future of women in Philippine sports. De Leon Brown’s statement captures the essence of this landmark event: “This is for everyone in #TriathlonPhilippines, especially all our hardworking women…honoring all those women who came before us, we stand on your shoulders, as we pass the torch on to all women and girls who will come after us.”

Both awardees symbolize strength, dedication, and the pioneering spirit of “Manlalarong Pilipina.” Their achievements resonate deeply with a nation that takes pride in its athletes, with a strong message of empowerment echoing throughout the archipelago. As we celebrate their victories, we’re reminded that sports can be a powerful platform for change, inclusion, and inspiration.

The accolades bestowed upon De Leon Brown and Mangrobang are a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the progress and potential of women in sports, and propelling the momentum for future triumphs. The Women in Sports Awards Night has set a precedent, not only in recognizing the athletic prowess but also in acknowledging the broader impact athletes have in society.

In their honor and through their legacy, the torch continues to burn brightly, passed to the hands of aspiring young female athletes who will shape the future of sports in the Philippines. Mabuhay ang Manlalarong Pilipina.

(featured image via : Ani de Leon Brown)



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