Retul’d Part Deux | Lovelyness Gets Measured

So there I was thinking that I already know everything I need to know about bike fitting. Well, truth be told, I really did think so. So how the heck can I manage to screw up my fit on my new bike that much?


Glenn of Primo Cycles working his magic

What I did is I literally transferred the fit coordinates of my previous bike (2008 Argon 18 Mercury) to my new ride (a 2012 Ceepo Katana). I must admit, at first I was all randy and dandy as I was still stoked with the new bike frame. I loved the stiffness of the Katana and rode it like I stole it. For me, the bike felt really good.

That is until I started to put it thru its paces.

After 2 races, (the 5150 and Tri United 2) for some reason, I just knew something’s not right. I couldn’t hold or generate any power plus my quads were absolutely shot after every long ride. I kept on complaining during long rides that something is off with my bike. Maybe my seat’s too low or I’m just riding too aggressive. I didn’t want to admit it because I was thinking maybe I was just under trained plus the fact that I was riding my previous bikes exact measurements.


Baseline #2. Seat height adjusted and seat moved back. See the white circle on the seatpost? That’s my previous seat height.

So after a lot of egging from Glenn of Primo Cycles to have Lovelyness RETUL’d, I finally bit the bug and had her measured.

After just one baseline run, we immediately found out the cause of my dilemma.

My seat was too low and my seat was way too damn forward. To my surprise as well, I found out that the front end of my Argon 18 was a hell lot steeper than my Ceepo!

For comparison

Glenn and I talked a bit as to what’s the best position for me. Even where to hold the aerobars so I can be more comfortable and generate more power.

I’m not that flexible (plus I have a lower back problem), but I can handle really low stacked bikes (bikes with low front ends).


Might as well get some workout in!

The difference between the new fit and the old one is huge. I am now more comfortable with the bike and based on my trainer session this morning, everything’s returning back to normal.

Though this might not translate to a P.R. bike split in Cebu, (insert disclaimer here), I’m happy because I know I’m now riding my most optimal position.

Number don’t lie. Yes, anyone can be a good bike fitter. But RETÜL absolutely takes the guess work out of it.

RETÜL (yes with the smiley), is the most state of the art bike fitting system on the planet today. Bar none.


Here’s the end result

For more info about Retül, check out our initial review about it. Click here.

To avail or inquire about Retül bike fitting services, just visit or call Primo Cycles at 02-8367455 or just go direct and talk to the man himself, Glenn Colendrino at 09178423050.



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