PASMAMAN PASMATHLON: Culture Meets Triathlon

Embracing Tradition on the Track: The PASMAMAN PASMATHLON Challenge, in partnership with the Philippine Triathlon Organization, proudly presents the first PASMAMAN PASMATHLON. This culturally-rich event takes the stage with a Run-Swim, Bike-Swim format that not only challenges athletes but also integrates the local belief in preventing “pasma” – a condition often cautioned against in Filipino culture following intense physical exertion and exposure to cold. This exceptional race debuts with a series of segments totaling a 5K run, 1K swim, 20K bike, and a final 1K swim.

Event Details:

  • Date: Registration and Event Date coming soon!
  • Location: Ayala Versosa Sports Hub
  • Format: A duathlon with a cultural twist featuring a 5K run and 1K swim, followed by a 20K bike and another 1K swim.
  • Registration: Registration is free, with a cap on entries to ensure a quality experience for all athletes.
  • Categories: Individual and Relay Teams (Male, Female, Mixed)

Mark your calendars as we finalize the dates for this exhilarating event at the Ayala Versosa Sports Hub. With free registration opening soon, we are capping entries to ensure a personalized and high-quality experience for each athlete. Competitors can look forward to individual and relay team categories.


The PASMAMAN PASMATHLON is a tribute to Filipino traditions, providing a unique transition experience for athletes to stay at their peak. Despite modern medicine’s debate over “pasma,” this event acknowledges the term’s deep roots in Filipino culture and brings a playful twist to the race format.

Traditionally, “pasma” is believed to result from a rapid transition from strenuous activity to rest, or exposure to cold after being heated. While modern medicine debates its validity, the concept is deeply woven into the fabric of local wisdom. The PASMAMAN PASMATHLON playfully nods to this traditional belief by introducing unique transitions designed to seamlessly shift athletes from one stage to the next, ensuring they remain in peak condition throughout the race.

Cultural Trivia: “Pasma” is a term deeply rooted in Filipino culture, often associated with tremors, fatigue, and sudden illness after exposure to cold water or air following intense physical activity. While often dismissed as an old wives’ tale, the belief persists, and this event pays homage to the tradition with a humorous twist.

Join Us: Infused with a dose of humor and cultural pride, the PASMAMAN PASMATHLON extends an invitation to athletes worldwide. Embrace the challenge and join a community that celebrates the enduring spirit of triathlon fused with Filipino heritage.


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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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