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When Typhoon Yolanda ravaged the Philippines, we took the initiative and launched our very own Cares program.With it, we were able to utilize the entire community and all our partners to do a nationwide donation drive and raise funds of the victims of the typhoon. You can see the result of the first cares campaign here.

Prior to that, to those who don’t know, giving back to the community is what is all about. It’s in our D.N.A.

Even before Yolanda, we’re already thinking of ways of how we can help the community by helping develop athletes in the grassroots scene. But, with limited resources, we know its going to take a lot before we can support even a single athlete.

That’s when we thought of the Build A Bike Project.

What’s the single most expensive gear of every triathlete? The bike right? What if we can give a young promising athlete in the grassroots program a bike that is well enough to compete with the best of the best? The bike leg is the longest part of any triathlon. That’s where an athlete can gain the most time.

The talent is there. The equipment is what they lack. That’s where we want to come in.

But we just can’t donate a whole bike right? We can’t afford it.

But what if, the entire community chips in? :) We’re pretty sure almost every triathlete, cyclist, out there has a spare stem, pedal, saddle, or even a frame just collecting dust right? Why not just donate them and help build a bike?

Presenting, the Build A Bike Project!


Here’s how the system will work.

1. We will be partnering with specific bike shops.

2. A list of the required parts needed to build a bike will be posted at the shop.

3. Those who want to donate, can simply leave the item in the bike shop and indicate their name in the donation form for documentation purposes. If you want to remain anonymous, just leave the form blank :)

4. If you have spare change, or feeling a little generous, you may also opt to buy a needed brand new part from the bike shop. We will be talking to the shops so that they’ll give you a huge discount if the product is intended for the Build A Bike Program.

5. If you’re feeling REALLY generous and want to donate a complete bike, that’s very much welcome as well!

6. We will repeat this process until the bike gets all the necessary parts.

How will I know the bike will be donated to an athlete in the grassroots program?

As with everything we do here on, like our Yolanda fund raiser, transparency is everything. Proper documentation and report will be done whenever we release a bike. Pictures will also be taken of course, and you’ll be able to see your donated part :)

We’re already partnering with a group who manages triathletes at the grassroots level. We will be working closely with them and post their details and list of athletes here.

How long will this take and how many bikes are you going to build?

We don’t know how long it will take us before we can build a complete bike. It may take weeks, months, or even just a day. It all depends on YOUR generosity :). What’s important is that we’re doing what we can, in our own little way, to help our aspiring athletes achieve their dreams. We will partner with as many bike shops as possible, so that we can build more bikes and make it easier for everyone to donate.

To kick off the program, I will be donating my used, but still very much working, Argon 18 Mercury bike frame.

It’s just a simple frame set with a carbon seat post and fork. It needs a whole lot of stuff like wheels, saddle, group set, basebar/aerobars, and cables to roll again. :) With your help, we can do this!

The frame will be displayed at The Brick Multisport Store at Venice Piazza, Mc Kinley Hill.  A simple donation sheet will be also be posted.

Got a spare part to donate? Head on over to our partner shops and help us build a bike :)

Thanks in advance :)



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