GrabeL San Vicente: Palawan’s Premier Gravel Cycling Expedition

GrabeL San Vicente - Where Terrain Meets Tenacity

In the serene landscape of San Vicente, Palawan, GrabeL San Vicente emerges as a pinnacle of gravel cycling experiences. Scheduled for March 2-3, 2024, this event invites cycling aficionados to traverse through the unspoiled terrains of Palawan, offering a blend of challenging routes and captivating scenery.

Event Overview

GrabeL San Vicente, named after the Filipino term “Grabe,” meaning “extraordinary,” encapsulates the essence of the routes and experiences it presents. Limited to 150 participants, this event provides an exclusive opportunity to explore the lesser-known paths of Palawan.

Itinerary Breakdown

Day 1: Inland Exploration – South San Vicente

The inaugural day introduces cyclists to a 74km course with an elevation gain of 1,000 meters, encompassing a diverse terrain of forest roads, double tracks, and sections of paved pathways. The route weaves through the southern region, leading towards Port Barton, offering a unique blend of coastal and inland vistas.

Day 2: Coastal Excursion – North San Vicente

The second day challenges participants with a 52km journey to Binga, featuring an ascent to the Bato ni NingNing lookout. This segment, with 747 meters of elevation gain, unfolds along the picturesque northern coastline, offering an exhilarating mix of physical challenge and visual splendor.

Registration Details

  • Fees: PHP 8,000 (Individual), PHP 22,500 (Group of Three)
  • Categories: Gravel Bike, Mountain Bike, E-Bike (across genders)

Package Inclusions

Participants will receive a comprehensive event package including a finisher’s medal, Castelli Trail T-shirt, race numbers, a race bag, nutritious meals, and access to a celebratory event.

Event Philosophy

GrabeL San Vicente emphasizes the adventure and experience over competition. Timings are recorded for recognition purposes, with a focus on celebrating the journey and the environment.

Unique Feature: ‘Ride and Shoot’

An innovative ‘Ride and Shoot’ aspect requires participants to capture photographs at designated locations, fostering a deeper connection with the surroundings and enhancing the communal experience.

Logistics and Accommodations

The event collaborates with various hotels in San Vicente for accommodation arrangements. Participants have the option to arrive via Puerto Princesa with land transfers or opt for direct flights to San Vicente.

There are several hotel partners for Grabel San Vicente. Click on these link to book with them directly.


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