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SBR.ph would like to congratulate all the finishers of the recently concluded SPEEDO NAGT 2011 – Subic Leg! You guys rock!

To the participants, what can you say about this event? How was your race? Hit the comments and let us know.

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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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  1. Just some general observations about yesterday:

    1) Beautiful weather. It was actually COLD in the morning, before race start. The waters of Subic Bay, off of Dungaree Beach, were pleasant, and many of the athletes were actually wading in there as long as possible to stay warm, after warmups, as it got chilly when you got out! Sunrise was gorgeous, we had the sun rising in the east, with a near-full moon overlooking the bay with the sky a stunning color of changing blue. It was a pretty incredible sight. But at about 8-8:30, as the run leg started for most participants, it started heating up….and WOW…it got toasty! But for this time of year, you could not ask for better weather.

    2) Race organization was pretty much OK. I felt that the transition area setup was good for safety and control, though there was some confusion as to what constituted the “transition area”. I mistakenly took off my helmet past the dismount point, thinking that I was in “transition”, only to be assessed a 10-second penalty for having removed it too soon…I heard that I was not the only one…many were “gigged” for the same “infraction”. Other than that, the transition area was laid out well, and organized.

    3) There were some water shortages at the tail end of the run, particularly the last water stand prior to the turn around around point. It happened on the second lap of the three lap course, and I was in the first wave of the Standard Distance runners, so I don’t know if it got worse later. There was NO BREEZE on that run course, and no one was going to be put at physical risk for not having water (as long as they had been watering prior to that), but there was some “Melting Down” going on with all of us, and seeing that empty water table was a BUMMER. You know how that can affect your psyche at that point in a race.

    4) Bike course turned out to be better than I anticipated; the shade in the hilly stages of the course made it very bearable, and though the course was not flat, I would still rate it as “fast”. I liked the up and back (times 2) nature of the layout; it allowed you to track age-group opponents, and it kept you on your toes that way. And, it was pretty safe. Marshalls did a good job with traffic control.

    Overall, a thumbs up.

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