Ask The Coach | Multisport Watch | Question #4

Joseph Bacosmo of Sta. Ana, Manila asks about the best multisport watch to use for training and racing.

From Joseph Bacosmo:

Hi coach, What multisport watch should I buy that is worth it and not just because of the hype. One of my friends has the Garmin310XT while the other one has the Timex GPS. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks coach!

From Coach Jomac:

Hi Joseph, In choosing gadgets, I suggest you take into consideration your training and racing needs. Write down a list of key features that you would like to find in a gadget. Do you need GPS? Speed or pace/km? Heart Rate percentage? Alarm? Interval Timers? Then compare which of the gadgets has the majority of the features you really need.

I personally don’t use gadgets with GPS because I train in an area with established run/ cycle routes, so I don’t need to measure the distance. I prefer heart rate monitors with average, max and target zones, as well as interval timers, such as the Polar Running Series watches.

Good luck and happy shopping!


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