Strength and Conditioning Workout for Triathletes

Triathlon isn’t just about swimming, biking and running (and repeating!). To build muscular strength, triathletes must hit the weight room and pound the iron as well. Here’s a complete body workout set from Coach Mervin Santiago of MRSantiago Coaching.

Strength and conditioning workout for triathletes:


Ex. Easy jog , legs and arm swings

30 sec. To 1 minute each exercise with light to moderate weight load (1 to 3 sets depending on your fitness level) to improve power and muscle endurance.


1. Box squat with dumbells or medicine ball. (Lower)

2. Single leg calf raises with dumbell. (Lower)

3. Single leg box step ups with high knee. (Lower)

4. Straight arm cable pull down (swim form). (Upper)

5. Alternate dumbell row. (Upper)

6. Tricep dips. (Upper)

7. Bridge hip extension. (Core)

8. Front plank. (Core)

9. Russian twist with medicine ball. (Core)



Coach Mervin Santiago

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