Get Ready for Your First Aquathlon, Duathlon, and Triathlon: Budget-Friendly Gear Guide

Aquathlon, duathlon, and triathlon are exciting races that test your physical endurance and mental toughness. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, participating in these races can be a thrilling experience. However, the thought of what to bring or what to wear can be overwhelming, especially if you’re on a tight budget! But don’t worry, with a little planning and creativity, you can participate in these races without overspending and breaking the bank.

Here are some things you need for your first aquathlon, duathlon, and triathlon.


You’ll need a swimsuit that is comfortable, quick-drying, and fits well. For women, if you’re uncomfortable doing the run part of an aquathlon and triathlon in your swimsuit, you may opt to wear cycling shorts over the swimsuit or bring comfortable running shorts and wear it after your swim when you get to the transition area. Yes, wearing shorts will cost you extra time but if your aim is just to finish and not to win, it’s better to take your time and run in whatever you’re comfortable in! For newbie friendly races like the Aquaman Aquathlon, it’s usually anything goes! As long as what you’re wearing is within the realm of what you call a proper swim attire. Take note though that form fitting clothes is always advisable as loose ones will cause drag in the water.

For duathlons, in most cases, what you wear during the run should be the same as what you’re going to cycle in.

For triathlons, if budget allows, it’s always best to invest in a “triathlon suit” that you can use for swimming, cycling, and running! It can be in one piece or two piece versions (top and shorts are separate).


Swim: A good pair of goggles is always a must. Swim caps are usually given for free during the race so no need to buy one. As you go on your training, you will most likely invest in swim gear link paddles, fins, pull buoy, etc.

Bike: For duathlons and triathlons, you’ll need a bike, of course. If you’re a beginner, this can either be brand new, used, or even rented! It’s all up to you! What’s important is that it’s in good working condition and fits you well. You may want to check the types of bikes that are allowed in the race. In most duathlon races, road bikes and time trial bikes are generally always allowed. MTB’s, Gravel Gravel, Folding Bikes are not always allowed in some duathlon races. Note: All these types of bikes are allowed at the Duaman Duathlon and Triman Triathlon.

Should you invest in a cheap bike or an expensive one? As we always say, buy what your budget allows. What’s important is that you’ll use it and find joy in riding it. In most cases, athletes usually start with a second hand / entry level bike and then upgrade as they go along their multisport journey and get hit with what we call ‘upgradititis’. ;)

Helmet: A helmet is a must-have for all cycling training rides and events. Make sure it fits properly and is in good condition. No helmet – no race!

Cycling Shoes: Should you immediately invest in cycling shoes? Wearing cycling shoes is optional in most duathlon and triathlon races. It all depends on the experience and level of the cyclist if he/she is comfortable wearing cycling shoes with cleats. If you’re a beginner, running shoes should be ok. You’ll be a little slower in the bike part, but if that means you’ll be more comfortable (and more stable!) then the marginal gains is negligible. As you go to longer distances, wearing cleats would be recommended.

Pro tip: if the duathlon race is really short, sometimes, it’s faster to just use running shoes all the way as you’ll save time in the transition area because you don’t have to change!

Running Shoes: A comfortable and well-fitting pair of running shoes is important for the run portion of the race. But as the saying goes, don’t try anything new on race day! Make sure that the shoes you’re going to use has been tested and broken in properly. Next to all things related to the bike, this is one that you will use you will use A LOT as you go on your multisport journey. No need to buy a new one if your old running shoes are still in tip top shape!


So what else will you be needing in your multisport journey? Below are some of the extra’s that can help you a lot as you go along.

Hydration: For cycling, you’ll be needing water bottles for the bike and a bento box to put your nutrition in. Some bikes already have these integrated but for entry level ones, you’ll be needing to buy them separately.

For the run, you can use a hydration / energy belt to put your energy gels and nutrition. If the race is short and you’re ok with the on-course nutrition, then this is not needed. Some athletes store their gels under the tri suit.

For the race bib number, you may opt the use a wear a race belt so you won’t be bothered pinning your race bib on your top which will surely cost you extra time. In most races nowadays, race bibs are not required on the bike leg but is a must on the run part.

Eyewear: Should you get cycling specific shades? In most cases, our answer will be yes. Should you get the photochromic ones? That’s the extra that you need to decide on. Find what fits your face properly and buy what your budget allows.

Gadgets:  Multisport watches (where you can track your speed, distance, heart rate, etc), cycling computers, heart rate monitors, etc. All of these are fun to have but in most cases, you will be able to join and train without any of these. Especially if you just want to try the sport and have fun.

Sun Protection: If the race is held outdoors, make sure to bring sunglasses and sunblock to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Hope this helps! With a little planning and creativity, you can participate in these races without overspending and breaking the bank. Like what we always say, training and racing multisport races can be as cheap and as expensive as you want it to be!

Now that you have the gear, why not challenge yourself and join a race? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, there’s a race for everyone! Check out our calendar for an updated list of races that you can join!


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