Get Your to Partner to Buy You a Bike This Valentine’s Day (Sneaky Tips!)

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and you have your heart set on getting a new bike. Check out these top sneaky tips to convince your partner to buy you a new bike. Read on for a good laugh and knows? Some of these might work! :)

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  • Plant the seed by casually mentioning how much you admire someone else’s new bike.
  • Start a bike-themed movie or TV show binge, pointing out how great it would be to ride alongside the characters.
  • Leave a bike catalog open on the kitchen table, or a page about a certain model bookmarked on your computer.
  • Start wearing bike gear everywhere, even if you’re just going to the grocery store.
  • Leave little hints like “I wish I had a better bike to ride with you on those weekend adventures.”
  • Put a picture of a bike you love as your phone or computer background.
  • Offer to take your partner on a bike ride, and make sure to point out the drawbacks of your current ride.
  • Use the opportunity of a friend getting a new bike to ask how they made the decision and if they had any help from their significant other.
  • Start talking about a “future” where you have a new bike, and how much fun it will be to ride together.
  • Make a “Things I Love About You” list, and add “Your willingness to buy me a new bike.”
  • Start talking about all the places you want to bike to, making it clear that a new bike would make those dreams a reality.
  • Create a Pinterest board filled with bikes you love, and send it to your partner with a message like “Just saving some ideas for when I finally upgrade my ride.”
  • Ask your partner to go on a bike shopping trip with you, and make sure to test ride several models.
  • Use social media to your advantage by posting pictures of other people’s bikes and commenting on how jealous you are.
  • Start talking about how much money you could save on gas or gym memberships if you had a new bike.
  • Create a list of the pros and cons of your current bike, and make sure to mention the lack of a new bike as a con.
  • Write a love letter to your partner, and include a sentence about how much you would love to have a new bike to ride together.
  • Give your partner a sneak peek of your dream bike by sending them a link to the model you want, with a message like “Can you believe how awesome this bike is? I would love to ride this with you one day.”
  • Start wearing bike-themed clothing, like a jersey or helmet, and make it clear that you’re a biking enthusiast.
  • Leave a picture of your dream bike in plain sight, with a caption like “Someday, my prince (or princess) charming will bring me this.”
  • Start a bike collection, with toys or miniatures, and make it clear that you’re a bike enthusiast.
  • Ask your partner to teach you how to ride a bike, and make sure to mention how excited you are to have a nicer bike to learn on.
  • Start talking about all the amazing bike accessories you want, like a basket or a bell.
  • Take a bike maintenance class, and make sure to mention how much easier it would be with a nicer bike.
  • Give your partner a basket of bike-themed snacks, like energy bars and bike-shaped chocolates, with a card that says “Just fueling up for my next bike upgrade.”

Remember, subtlety is key! You don’t want to make it too obvious, or your partner may feel pressured. Use these tips to drop hints and have a little fun with it. Who knows, maybe your partner will surprise you with a brand new bike on Valentine’s Day! No luck? Try it again during the holidays! Good luck!


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