Kwentong Tri Series #7 | Paolo Lopez

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Paolo Lopez joined’s Duaman Duathlon race last 2017 as a way to lose way and bond with the family. What happened was a continued was a duathlon journey which continued until Duaman Duathlon 2023!

Sharing my kwentong tri-series, hope you guys like it!

I first joined SBR’s Duathlon event in 2017 with an initial goal to lose weight and was a perfect opportunity to tag the whole family for an out of town trip. I was also inspired by my older brother who is into triathlon.
2017 Duaman Nuvali – got my first taste of a duathlon event (was really a mountain biker and more into riding trails before I tried this out), can’t really recall my total time as I was too damn exhausted and walked the entire last 3k. No training literally. LOL.

2018 Duaman Nuvali
– Joined the Duaman Lite again bringing in less kilos and hoping to improve my overall time versus 2017. I started running occasionally in preparation for the Duaman to get an improved total time (I think, still running slow though) but the good thing is my overall fitness was way better than the last time.

2019 Duaman Nuvali
– Got my best time in the lite category. Yey!
2020, 2021, 2022 – Pandemic happened.

2023 – Aimed to join more biking and duathlon events, time permitted. Was fortunate to join and finish several biking and gravel races this year. My first duathlon this year was the Sundown Duathlon and then followed by SBR’s Duaman and this time around I did the full distance! Felt that the short distance was pretty boring already. LOL.


Overall, I’m looking forward to joining more duathlon events and improving my running and hopefully get a better result year on year.



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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