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2014 Philippine Duathlon Series Leg 3 | Race Results and Review

Congratulations to all the winners and finishers of the Philippine Duathlon Series Leg 3!

SWIMBIKERUN.ph is a proud media partner of the Philippine Duathlon Series.

Rate the race using our ratings system above! Share your thoughts about the race in our comments section! [...] Continue Reading…



Get dirty and get ready for the Adrenaline XC/XC Cup! The event is happening on December 7, 2014 at the La Mesa Nature Reserve, Fairview, Q.C. Read on below for details!

SWIMBIKERUN.ph is a proud media partner of the Adrenaline XC/CX Cup.


RACE INFORMATION [...] Continue Reading…


2014 Philippine Duathlon Series | Final Leg | Nuvali Sta Rosa Laguna

Get ready for the final leg of the 2014 Philippine Duathlon Series, SBR.ph nation! Check out the details below!

SWIMBIKERUN.ph is a proud media partner of the 2014 Philippine Duathlon Series.




Mt. Mayon Triathlon 2014 | Race Results and Review

Congratulations to the winners and finishers of the inaugural Mt. Mayon Triathlon! An awesome race with a stunning view!

To be honest, when we posted our Top 5 Destination Triathlon races, we wanted to include Mt. Mayon Triathlon. But we just weren’t sure whether this race is a legitimate one or not. [...] Continue Reading…


The 7th Anvaya Cove Invitational Triathlon | Race Info

Get ready for the 7th Anvaya Cove Invitational Triathlon! The event is set on October 18-19 and will feature a standard triathlon, sprint, mini sprint, and a family relay.


Date: October 18-19, 2014
Venue: Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club (ACBNC), Bataan
Race Distances (subject to change) / Events: [...] Continue Reading…

2014 Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines | Race Results and Review

2014 Tri United 4 | Race Info

Cobra Ironman 70.3 : Be Extraordinary

SBR Feature


#POCKETROCKET | Joyette Jopson | Little Age Grouper No More

As they always say, great things come in small packages. Add the word “fast” in the equation, and you got yourself one heck of an athlete. Not a stranger to SBR.ph, we’ve featured her multiple times on our website. She’s also a consistent nominee to the SBR.ph Awards where she won the Women’s Age Group of the Year trophy last 2012.

Without further ado, we’re proud to welcome back and present to you, the 2014 Ironman 70.3 Philippines Filipino Elite Champion, Joyette Jopson. [...] Continue Reading…


SPOTTED | 2014 Ironman 70.3 Philippines Expo Special | Cool Training and Racing Gear

SPOTTED! We scoured the 2014 Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines Expo in search of the latest and coolest products!

For this special, we SPOTTED a cool commemorative watch, a set of awesome home grown designed run visors, a cool way to stay fit (cycling wise!), and two of the latest SUPER bikes in the market. [...] Continue Reading…


#ROTHMYWORLD | Ani de Leon-Brown / Arland Macasieb / and Noelle de Guzman | 2014 Challenge Roth Finishers | SBR.ph In[FOCUS] Special Edition

This 2014, three Filipinos made history as being the first Pinoys to compete (and finish!) Challenge Roth. Let’s welcome on SBR.ph the triumphant trio of Coach Ani de Leon-Brown (12:15:18), Arland Macasieb (13:10:57) and Noelle de Guzman (13:55:44),

The numbers beside their names, are their respective finish times. [...] Continue Reading…

SPOTTED | Cool Training and Racing Gear | IM 70.3 Cebu Special

Bikers’ Cafe | Mall of Asia | Now Open!

Lumia 630 | Gear Review



NOW HIRING : Graphics Designer

That’s right folks! We’re looking for a talented graphic designer to join our young company! If you’ve got the experience and skills (Photoshop, Illustrator and even MS Paint is a must), then get in touch with us right away!
See below for the job description! [...] Continue Reading…


Weird Email From BIR

As we all know, BIR is stepping up its campaign against tax evaders. We all saw their full page ad against doctors and other self employed / freelance artists.
Just this morning, I got this weird email from the bureau [...] Continue Reading…


TO ALL WEBSITE OWNERS : Remove The Top Blogs Widget From Your Site ASAP | Malware Warning

If you’re using topblogs.com.ph / topblogs.ph to monitor your rankings, remove the code / widget from your website ASAP.

The site got hit with a very bad case of malware and is spreading it to all websites using it. Also, [...] Continue Reading…

Ready For #ChallengePhilippines2015 ! | The SBR.ph Challenge Philippines 2015 Race Kit Giveaway

Let’s Take A Moment Of Silence… | We Are So Damn Lucky

Throwback Training Thursday | Who I Was a Couple of Years Ago



A Beginners Guide to Triathlon Run

As triathlon is viewed largely as an endurance sport, many beginner triathletes like to cover the distance of the run portion of their triathlon at an easy steady pace. While there is definitely a place for the LSD ( Long Slow Distance) in every triathletes schedule, the best thing to do with the other run training slots is to mix up the your effort levels in a structured way so that the other physiological systems of the triathletes body can be developed as well. [...] Continue Reading…


Are You Ready For That Triathlon Distance?

Let’s face it, triathlon is an addictive sport. After finishing your first couple races, you’ll glow in the success of your achievements. But soon enough, you’ll start thinking about the next race, or your next P.R.

The seed has been planted. You’ll be thinking of longer distance races to compete in. [...] Continue Reading…


Swimming and Ankle Bands

Pullbuoys feel great because they help you float nicely in the water. Paddles immediately let you know that you’re working harder and increase your distance per stroke. Everybody is happy to use these 2 tools because they enhance the [...] Continue Reading…

Race Day – When Things Go Wrong

Speed: A Key Skill for Every Endurance Athlete

Race Day Nutrition

Age Group Stories


TAG : The Age Grouper | Mirian Joy Libre | #2Seconds

So, imagine this. . you are a couple of meters away from the finish line, on the biggest race of your life, and with a couple of ticks left on the clock. Will you quit? Succumb to pressure? Or if you’re like Mirian Joy Libre, aka Joyjoy, you dig deep, leave everything on the line, and sprint with all you got to the finish line?

We were at the final aid station of the 2014 Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines and we can still vividly remember Joy passing us and we cheered loudly for her. [...] Continue Reading…


TAG | The Age Grouper | Judith Caneza

Like what we always say here on SBR.ph, it’s the age-groupers who truly make up the sport. The fast ones may always get the medals and accolades, but at the end of the day, it’s the non-podium (slower) ones, who epitomizes what this crazy sport of ours is all about.
Such is the case of Judith Caneza. She got our attention last SuBIT 2014 because just as when (almost) everyone was done with the race, under the sweltering heat, she was still out there with a few more kilometers to go. In most cases, you’ll see athletes with their heads down, totally frustrated with their race. Some people would surely opt for the quick fix and go for a D.N.F., but with Judith? [...] Continue Reading…


TAG | The Age Grouper | Justin Chiongbian | Cold Storage Singapore Triathlon Race Report

Last September 28-29 2013, the Philippine National Triathlon team went to Singapore to participate at the Cold Storage Singapore International 2013. Among them, is our SBR.ph Awards Male Youth Triathlete of the Year Justin Chiongbian.

Read on below for Justin Chiongbian’s Cold Storage Singapore Triathlon experience, and what he did to bring home the gold, and most importantly, the glory. [...] Continue Reading…

Hector and Mayen Yuzon Rocks Malaysia | User Submission

TAG | The Age Grouper | Francis Zuniga | One Step Closer To His Dream

TAG : The Age Grouper | Hanna Sanchez | Swims 22.5k For Cara Philippines

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