Official Statement of Republ1c Wakepark | Rudy Project Triathlon | Exclusive

Here’s the official statement of Republ1c Wakepark regarding the controversial Rudy Project Triathlon.

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Here’s our OFFICIAL STATEMENT regarding the RUDY PROJECT TRIATHLON event at the park last Oct 7,2012

Here are the facts:

Republic wakepark officially opened last August 16,2012. The lake was full, clean and already was being used for wakeboarding as early as may 2012.

On sept 18,2012 there was unusual heavy downpour of rain in NUVALI that caused knee deep flash flooding in the roads of the NUVALI village not in the wakepark ( ayala nuvali can confirm this ). Herewith attached picture of NUVALI flooding.


On sept 25,2012. We made a difficult but firm decision to close the park to further upgrade our drainage system, by draining the lake, just in case another unusual “ondoy” type downpur of rain that happened on sept 18 occurs , despite loss of business opportunity and disappointment of our patrons and thousands of regular guests.

The closure announcement was posted in our official website, facebook and twitter. The announcement clearly stated that” the park will be closed until oct. 20,2012 “. You can check out this post from our REPUBL1C wakepark official facebook acct..


On sept 27,2012. Marge Camacho of Rudy Project was informed that the lake will not be available for the Oct 7,2012 event and we suggested that they inform all participants to just simply re schedule the event or find another venue.

On sept 29, 2012. Marge Camacho of rudy project said that they cannot re schedule but instead will just hold a duathlon.

The Official statement of TRIMAC and the technical team “that the triathlon was reduced to a duathlon at the last minute” is a total lie and BS.

Again TRIMAC statement that “ the organizers had no intention to deceive or mislead the participants “ and they “were determined to push through with the triathlon is a clear sign of how unprofessional and amateurs they are by refusing to be honest and just apologizing and admitting their fault.

TRIMAC’s claim that “ the water level was sufficient for a one loop swim wade fun triathlon” shows how amateur they are and how they continue to peddle lies, simply because how can you have a swim event when the water level is only knee deep. Another issue is that we will simply not allow anybody to swim in the lake because the lake is not fit for swimming as the water has not been treated and was not safe at that time . Their statement clearly shows that the organizer and the race director wanted to make participants swim despite the fact that it was not safe and clean at that time and them not having authority from us because they believed that “the water level was sufficient for a one loop swim wade fun triathlon.

Moreover, you can just simply laugh at TRIMAC, for stating that “around midnight circumstances beyond our control forced them to revise their plans. They could not push through with the event” Again this clearly indicates their sinister plan to make people swim despite being informed as early as sept 27 that they cannot use the lake and despite the fact that they know that the lake was unsafe for swimming at that time , even up to this time we are not allowing use of the big lake. What circumstances beyond their control happened around midnight that they don’t already know?

The best thing for TRIMAC, the race director and RUDY project should do is to APOLOGIZE AND ADMIT THEIR SHORTCOMINGS instead of insinuating that it was our fault. For the record we were just the venue, and it’s the organizers responsibility to inform people and take full responsibility for all. Our track record speaks for itself whether just hosting or organizing world class events. We would rather not list all the world class events we hosted including the 70.3 IRONMAN for 3 years . This is the first time this happened and we will not allow amateurs like TRIMAC to have events in our park nor ever deal with them.

Lastly, aside from apologizing, the organizers should be professional enough to refund the participants because they charged for a triathlon and held a duathlon if they don’t want to continue getting flak from this fiasco they created. And for the information of everybody RUDY PROJECT and TRIMAC did not pay us a single PESO for the use of the venue. They only paid us for the meal which was charged to participants as part of registration which was very minimal.

We hope this statement clearly clarifies who was truly responsible for the confusion.


comments Team

A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)


  1. Finally some light on what REALLY happened. If RUDY PROJECT just admitted this to us then wala na sanang problema. Ok lang naman I cancel ang event I’m sure the triathletes will understand because VALID and LEGITIMATE naman ang problema. Ang kaso tinuloy pa rin at pag nagkataon pala, palalanguyin pa tayo sa UNTREATED na tubig! Yun ang nakakagigil sa statement na to.

  2. Thank you for clarifying the issues on this event. Clearly Rudy Project & TRIMAC could not be bothered to cancel the event or make adjustments. They just wanted the participants to believe their “unforeseen circumstances” story and still get to keep the revenue from this event. Shame on you for not putting the interests of the participants ahead of your bottom line. Now that we have this official statement from the Republic Wakepark, participants should put their heads together and see what the options are. Any lawyers in the group?

  3. Thank you for this and most especially props to you and your team for being impartial about the event. Says a lot about this website’s reputation. Getting everyone’s side and giving them equal opportunity on you just earned a new fan.

  4. Kudos to SWIMBIKERUN.PH for posting this official statement and being transparent about this matter. The triathlon community is a small one and we can imagine that it was probably a difficult decision to post this. Thank you for your professionalism and your commitment to the community.

  5. i have been saying this all along, although i personally know Jomac, i think the burden is on them and Rudy project to apologize to the participants sincerely and come clean, just take whatever the consequence and move on……it is not good to just wash your hands from a fiasco such as this…..

  6. I’d put more weight on the word of amateurs than that of the politician who does not even respect his own flesh and blood. I’m not absolving Rudy Project and Trimac. They should have known better than to trust and deal with a politician whose word, as we all know, we cannot count on. Perhaps, that was the “circumstances beyond our control” that Trimac was apologizing for.
    Btw, if the operators of the Republic wake park drained the lake for cleaning because they were concerned about the quality of the water, why didnt they drain the muddy and stinking water in CWC in the three years that they held the Ironman 70.3? Everyone complained about the quality and smell of that lake for three years, but they didn’t lift a finger to address the complaints, much less drain and clean it.
    Now, just because the man who took the Ironman elsewhere and away from Camsur registered for the Rudy Project triathlon at republic wake park, they drained the lake purportedly for cleaning? Parang you took the fish out of the water? Say it ain’t so, LRay.

    1. @Gerry40gar Point here is.. they informed the organizers as early as September 27, they know already that the lake will not be available. informing participants early on could have been a better.

      1. @triforever  i think you should listen to the other side of the story first before making any conclusion bro, just sayin atleast give Trimac/Thumbie remigio and rudy Project the benefit of the doubt, they made statments previously but did not point fingers unlike this statement fro Gov Elrey, i think if you hear their side then you can look at the personalities involved and then can make your decision as to who you think is more credible…….

      2. @triforever If you read their post, it said “closed to the public.” Hindi malinaw kung ang triathletes kasama sa public or kung cancelled ang swim. If they informed the organizers (teka, di ba kasama ang republic wake park sa organizers? Yun and nakalagay sa poster, di ba?) gusto ko makita proof of that, letter or email.

  7. Unbelievable lack of integrity! I would think twice wearing the Trimac uniform in future races. Kakahiya. Pera pera lang talaga. And for Rudy Project? Ang yabang mo! Your name on Tri uniform stands for the most greedy Triathlon sponsor in the Philippines! Bulok!

    1. @LakiNgKitaNgOrganizer easy bro, Rudy Project, is a good sponsor, do you think they made money on this event???? if you do the simple math i think you will conclude that they gave awaya more than they received in reg fee, if you research the price of the SYLURO shades they gave away, you will see that its more than double the reg fee, and what race have you joined where you got a buffet breakfast as they had in that race, or the top quality shirts they gave after the race, hey i have raced several Full ironman races and more 70.3 races i can count with my fingers and i have yet to get a pair of  Shades, Rudy Project ones at that, so believe me you, they did not sell us short in this race…..except for the cancelled swim, they gave us more than other races would, and i’ve been to many races both here and abroad……….you can do your own asking or you can take my word for it, but thought i might say my peace…….btw i’m not lawyering for anybody just my own observations, after all im just a JAFO………..(just another F@#$cking Observer) hehehe

    2. @LakiNgKitaNgOrganizer
      Gaano nga ba kalaki and kinita ng organizer, LakiNgKitaNgOrganizer? Let’s do the math. Let’s say 500 participants paid p3,000 each to enter the race. That’s P1.5 million, right? Wag na nating kwentahin yung ginastos nila sa race — breakfast, timing, marshalls, volunteers, communications, race numbers, finish line, etc. Namigay sila ng shades worth at least P6,000, maybe more. That would be worth at least P3 million na napunta sa registrants. San na yung laking kita nila, LakiNgKitaNgOrganizer? At tsaka, bakit naman ganyan ang napili mong user name? So much for integrity.

  8. everyone, i just want to put my two cents worth. some of you might know me, but regardless, i am one who don’t take sides unless i get the whole story, at first i thought that , hey they (organizers miscalculated and screwed up) so they should just come clean and make a public apology and we can all just move on, but with this statement from Gov elrey, i was more bothered because there is now an accusation from him of intentional deceit committed by people i know to be decent and trust worthy.  So, i did my own investigation and talked to one of the organizers (will keep his id secret) and what Gov elrey claim in his statement has some truth to them but was not really how it happened.  so, what i received was that there was deception but who did the deceiving will be left to the persons who we want to believe as more credible……the story i got is not as was told by this statement, and after listening to both sides and looking at the personalities involved and their reputations the decision is up to the community to decide, who do we find more credible…….Gov Elrey (Politician), or Rudy Project Management (Business Org, who gave away shades to all participants worth more than the race fee), and Tri-Mac/Thumbie Remigio and company……….if you know any of these personalities at all, ask them what really happened and then you will know who is telling the truth………it will all boil down to their words……..but i have made my own conclusions and say ” Shit happens and i joined this race so if it was changed to a duathlon, well i will race and enjoy it” i have seen swim cancellations, even Full Ironman races get swim cancellations ex…I M Jeju swim cancelled more than once, Heck I M China cancelled the whole race a few days before the date… lets just all enjoy the sport and put this behind us, but then of course thats just me and my humble opinion, and “thats how i see the cookie crumble” and if you ask me if i will join another race organized by Rudy Project and or Trimac , Thumbie remigio, of course i will……..BTW i love the shades (i never got any shades from any of the FULL IRONMAN races i’ve joined, let alone a RUDY PROJECT one, so I’m a happy camper with this race……….just saying…… Peace Y’all!!!!!!

    1. @ArthurGoIfurung
      I think you hit the nail right on the head. I enjoyed the race, even without the swim. True, i signed up for a triathlon, but this is not the first time the swim portion of a triathlon was cancelled. I paid P3,000 for the entry fee and got more than my money’s worth — shades more than twice the amount i paid and got to enjoy the race with friends who don’t care about the politics that don’t belong in sports. I will not think twice about joining a race, duathlon or triathlon, organized by Trimac and Thumbie in the future. Sa pagkaalam ko, nag apologize na sila for their part of the fiasco without pointing fingers at anyone. but I certainly will think twice, even thrice before joining a race at the wakepark. Wag ka na kasing sumali, Fred Uytengsu, sa mga races hosted by your friend LRay para hindi ma cancel ang swimming. Let’s move on, fellow triathletes/duathletes.

  9. I expected an official statement to be professional, diplomatic and dignified. I could have done without the pinpointing, accusations and telling us what they should have done.  Believe it or not other people who worked their ass off in the race chose not to get paid from the start. You don’t hear them telling everyone about it.

  10. Ok first of all thanks Republic Wake park for letting us know your side of the story.
    BUT!!! Do you really need to point out someone in your statement? Well i’m not a member of TRIMAC and i’m not a big fan of Rudy Project nor a wake boarder. let’s say i belong to the community of tri athletes who by the way also joined the controversial race held in your facility. i had fun, it was a nice race. though it could have been better if the swim leg push trough. i’m also happy with the shades and shirt i got at the end.
    Now from a neutral point of view. why are you so defensive? i dont see and i dont remember a part of RP & TRIMAC’s statement saying “It’s Republic wakepark’s Fault” . A hearsay maybe. Isnt that also unprofessional? Nilaglag mo bigla mga kasama nyo sa event na yan, why? because “And for the information of everybody RUDY PROJECT and TRIMAC did not pay us a single PESO for the use of the venue.”? Kahit sino pa ituro nyo o magturuan man kayo, Nangyari na. Pero the attitude and the content of your statement na nakakasira ng ibang pangalan, grupo o individual e hindi namin kailangan. Its enough for us to know bakit nwalan ng tubig yung wakepark. For me hindi na kailangan malaman sino dapat sisihin. Kasiraan ng isa, kasiraan ninyong lahat. Event nyo yan. Its like youre just telling us how unprofessional you are as you were telling how they were.
    pls, everybody move on and stop throwing sh*#ts to each other. Lets all charge it up to experience and be thankful you guys didn’t hurt anybody in the race with the taking off of the swim leg issue.

  11. This doesn’t read like an official statement. The grammatical glitches and the angry, unprofessional tone of the piece won’t pass the scrutiny of a corpcomm manager and the legal department head.

  12. BOOM BOOM BOOM, yun na yun. well with this statement ( which we already know in the first place) we got the official official statement from republic wakepark. now i think kawawa rudy project because they were the ones who lost big time. and one day delayed for the shades to arrive (but better because the ones they gave were more expensive) i just dont see the logic in not postponing the event in november. ah kasi may duathlon na totoo pala.  a refund could have stopped all this. yun yung charge to experience for the organizers adrenaline and trimac. i cant believe they would put all of their credibility and reputation at stake for this, by not saying the real deal. kasi naman ginawa pa akong stupid when trimac released their official statement. well confirmed all the things we knew and learned with this statement. i guess it would also be fair to drag in the sponsors who brought in those DUATHLETES ( that really dont know how to swim) who WON the event pa. NAKAKAHIYA. Well, i am also admiring all the other triathletes who are so calm and cool about all this. i hope they put in their two cents worth. 
    so now its all here, lemme stand aside and watch all of the republic wakepark, trimac adrenaline multisport, and rudy project, together with the sponsors, throw mud and stones at each other.

    1. @RockstarAtsil Yung duathlete na nanalo sa Rudy Tri duathlon nanalo din ng 5i50 sa Subic. Tiyak masmabilis lumangoy sa ‘yo yun. Nakakahiya ka kasi ang bilis mong magsabi na di marunong lumangoy ang duathlete.  
      Here’s my two-cent’s worth. The only side slinging mud here is Republic Wake Park. Why?

    2. @RockstarAtsil
      I’m a duathlete and i know how to swim. As far as i know, triathlete (ang swimmer na si Mat O’ Halloran) ang nanalo. I know for a fact that someone demanded a refund on the morning of the race and got the full refund. Let’s get the facts right first before we comment, especially when we have so many negative things to say. The only ones who are throwing mud are people like you, RockstarAtsil, who will believe the worst they hear of people and never listen to anything to the contrary. Sabi nga ni St.. Thomas Aquinas: To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith (but has malice in his heart), no explanation is possible.

  13. Go ahead and ask Rudy Project to refund your P3000 registration fee since you feel that is the right thing to do. While you’re at it, return the P6000 shades you received from them as well.  Is that fair enough for you?

  14. this is whats nice about freedom of expression, everybody knows matt and he is a world class triathlete and coach, i was pertaining to the TWO duathletes, who topped this race (2nd place) who NEVER joined a triathlon or a SWIM, who are from SANTE BARLEY (this is what everyone is talking about)@rbayan my take is that, how did they know it was going to be a dua, or if they WILL swim, natuto kaagad silang lumangoy? well baka pwede rin. @neverheard about the shades oh i have a lot already, and i would love to return it, can they refund my 3000,(some paid 4t pa) my gas, and toll fees, my breakfast, and oh the countless gels, expensive supplements and nutrition too, and the big thing is the TIME. but its not about that, its about the DECEPTION and deceit and the LIES. and you can see and read the facts from the official statement of republic wakepark ( and i am sure that they would not make any LIES about it. because they have no reason d’etre) @Gerry40gar this is my point. i believe as athletes, we all spilled the same blood, in the same mud. including sweat and tears. and with instances like these, unfortunate as it may, EVERYONE should bind up all their spandexes and VOICE out their EMOTIONS so that EVERYONE will learn from this and make sure that this will never happen ever again. unless you are part of the ORGANIZERS ( who up to now are still looking for excuses, and hoping this would just die down)

    1. @RockstarAtsil  @neverheard  @Gerry40gar 
      First, do you know these duathletes personally? You were proven wrong about one (Abad), you are likely wrong about the other. If they are less-skilled swimmers than you are , swimming in 4 feet of water is unlikely to be dangerous. Beginners were welcome, right? That’s how deep most of the Wake Park would have been if it was ready. Btw, when you top a race, you are first place, not second place. Those duathletes could say that you are dick but they don’t know you so they shouldn’t pass judgement. 
      Second, if you were really this pissed off, you should have demanded a refund and left. Yet you raced and took home the goody bag. 
      Third, each participant invested his or her time, money, blood, sweat and tears, and each is entitled to how they feel about the race. And each can complain. Some more so than others. Pero ikaw OA. To call out individuals, teams and sponsors isn’t in your best interest. And to incite a catfight between organizers and look forward to it is just plain stupid. Adrenaline Multisport, Trimac, Rudy Project, Unilab AH, Century Tuna, Sante Barley, Smart and other sponsors look forward to what you have to say about the race. 
      Mr. Reujen Lista of Team Norman, I hope you enjoy the coming races and the company of other triathletes. Yes, people on this board know who you are.

        1. @RockstarAtsil @rbayan @neverheard
          I’ve been wondering about this rant from this self-proclaimed rock star. Now, i know where you’re coming from, Mr. Reujen Lista of Team Norman. Naitindihihan na kita. Btw, how sure are you that the politician who owns the wakepark wouldn’t lie? Because, as you said, “they have no reason d’etre(sic)? Mali ata ang gamit mo ng ‘raison d’etre.’. Balik na lang tayo sa ingles, bro.
          anyway, to set the record straight, i’m not one of the organizers. I don’t know anything about organizing races, that’s why i don’t pass judgment on those who do it. But i am a good judge of character. Anyway, see you at the races, be it a duathlon or a triathlon. Baka puede nating pagusapan to ng harap harapan.

    2. @RockstarAtsil  hey bro, i don’t know who you really are but me i go by my real name, at any rate i spoke to Jomac personally but Thumbie Remigio, ex[plained to me their side, believe me, i was one of those guys who was asking the organizers to just come clean and admit to their short comings and apologize in public with all sincerity and all will move on, you can even read my previous earlier comment on this thread.  However after i spoke yo Thumbie and heard his side, i made MY OWN conclusion on who was telling the truth, after all the stories that came out with this statement from REPUBLIC is contradictory to what was told to me by Thumbie……i think before you start blaming you oughta talk to them first, i’m pretty sure you know them, before condemning the organizers or anybody at that matter…..the first statement they made was short and does not point fingers but i also felt it was lacking in substance that is why i personally asked them what the real deal was. What they explained to me made sense…..Look bro, RUDY PROJECT is a GOOD sponsor, they did not make any money with this race……we do not want to alienate sponsors who support our passion for the sport, if we start giving them this kind of treatment what do you think would happen? just saying, i’m not a pioneer in this sport, but i started a little earlier than most, 2004, and i’ve seen many races and changes in races, even FULL IRONMAN GET CANCELLED a few days before the race…..(IM CHINA as an ex), imagine the prep we did for that, not to mention the expenses…..but ask me what my attitude is? will i register for another IM race ?  heck yeah…. why because i love the SPORT and nothing will change that unless i drown, crash, and collapse for dead in one of these races…….heck we did WRT with a TYPHOON…..thats how much i love this sport, so for me…..this was just a matter that could have been handled differently, but did it bother me???? i think not really…….SHIT HAPPENS, and we all have our way of dealing with it……so happy training to all, and see you at the races…..lets keep it light and MOVE ON…….plenty of training and racing await us!!!!!!!

        1. @ArthurGoIfurung i sing with juan de la cruz and wally gonzalez wednesdays at Martinis (mandarin) also the singer of ZOO, K.O. JONES and ADVENT CALL before. would love to invite you guys to rock n roll there.

        2. @ArthurGoIfurung rockstar atsil, i sing with Juan de la Cruz and Wally Gonzalez wednesdays at Martinis at mandarin, also the singer of Zoo, K.O. JONES, and Advent Call before. If you guys are free we can rock n roll over there. ( plugging) take care bro peace

    3. @RockstarAtsil  BTW, hey if your really serious about asking for a refund, PM me i will give you 3k just give me the Syluro shades, the shirt and the goody bag from the race (hoping you have’nt used them yet as you appear to be a pricipled man……PM me i am serious about the offer

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