Ready For #ChallengePhilippines2015 ! | The Challenge Philippines 2015 Race Kit Giveaway

Alright! As you all know, we’re locked and loaded for the 2015 edition of Challenge Philippines! Dubbed as one of the toughest triathlons in the world, Challenge Philippines, in cooperation with, is giving away two (2) free slots to Challenge Philippines 2015! Crystal blue waters. Punishing hills. Breathtaking views. Are you ready to take on the Challenge??

As usual, we’ll make this as easy as possible!

No need to send us an inspiring letter, no need to hoard for likes (that’s so 2000-late), and absolutely no cheesy pictures to send.

Challenge Philippines 2015 doesn’t disguise itself  as a “doable” race. True to its core, it openly says that it’s brutal, super tough, and will CHALLENGE every little muscle in your body.  PUN INTENDED.

That being said, we’ll make this simple too!

This contest will run only up till 1 pm tomorrow, April 23, 2014. So you have exactly 18 hours to join!

Why is it only up ’till 1 pm tomorrow!? Because tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of the early bird rate of Challenge Philippines 2015. So, just in case you didn’t win, you still have the chance to register online! Hey, you signed up for the contest already anyway, so might as well go all the way!

Also, the lesser the participants, the higher your chances to win! Lucky you… ;)


How to win?

1. Share this post. (Note that you must share THIS POST and not our FACEBOOK POST! You may do so by clicking the LIKE/TWEET button)

2. One Tweet / One Fb Share = 1 entry each!

2.1  For facebook,  click the LIKE button above or the one below the article and type  “I want to win the free #ChallengePhilippines2015 race kit giveaway of

2.2 For twitter, click the TWEET button above or the one below the article and type  “I want to win the free #ChallengePhilippines2015 race kit giveaway of @SWIMBIKERUNph”

3. Type the post exactly as it is. Note : there’s a period “.” in the fb share and none in the twitter tweet!

3.1 Make sure to tag us by typing (for facebook) and @SWIMBIKERUNph (for twitter)

4. After sharing – at the comments section below – type “DONE sharing! or “DONE Tweeting!” along with your full name so we can include you in our random online raffle draw.

4.1 The raffle will be done via The top two results will win the two Challenge Philippines 2015 slots.

5. Remember guys, 1 tweet = one entry and 1 fb share = one entry. So if you do both, you get two chances!

That’s it!

For more info about Challenge Philippines 2015, visit

Good luck!


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